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    Haha... I opened this thread, half expecting to see a picture of some big deer. You're talkin' actual TOADS!!
  2. awatson

    Fall Tags Mailed Out?

    Got ours today
  3. Looks like it's about time to ban Chris Darnell again...alias The Rifleman, CHD, Whiskey Man (from AZOD)
  4. awatson

    Topo Maps--laminated--Unit 5B and other surrounding areas

    You quit hunting? Just wondering why people would sell maps. I have filing cabinets full, like a library. I keep buying them every time I go somewhere new, but I always hang onto them thinking I'll be back there one day.
  5. awatson

    Remove Freezer Odor

    There is a lot of stuff online about this. You probably won't get it out completely. Unfortunately, I've dealt with this several times on rental property fridges, and I've thrown a couple away. Then I had my own personal upright freezer on a GFI that clicked off (for 3 weeks), full of meat, located outside. I took the freezer apart completely, including removing all interior panels and even replaced insulation. After bleaching everything thoroughly, I wiped down inside and outside of each disassembled panel with a thick paste of baking soda/water, and let it all sit out in the Tucson sun for a week. After rinsing thoroughly, I reassembled with new insulation, and let it sit for a day...After all that work, it still stunk!! Interestingly, when I turned it on and it got down to 5 degrees or so, the smell was not noticeable. I still use it today, and I cannot smell it at all when cold, but when I clean it out every year or two, I shut it off for a day and I can still smell it, very slightly. Bottom line for me: I don't make my ice cubes in it. I double wrap everything or vacuum seal it anyway, so there isn't any interaction between the ambient air in the freezer and the frozen meat. I'm OK with that. This whole process was pretty time consuming, but the freezer was only a couple years old. Up to you how much time you want to devote to it.
  6. I have a couple of older bows for my wife and I (like 5 years old, not 20 years old) and I bought my son a used Diamond Nuclear Ice youth bow last Christmas. They really all need new cable/string kits. When I talk to people at Sportsman's, it seems that it runs + - $15O to re-cable most bows, if done at a shop. None of these bows are worth a whole lot more than that. The Sportsmans guy says "time to upgrade, let me sell you a new bow". Maybe next year or two, but not now. I did some looking, and I can buy each of the cable/string kits on ebay for $42, and I'm seriously thinking about making an investment in an entry-level bow press and learn to do the work myself. It makes sense at that price, but I don't want to spend the large money at a shop. Anyone have any advice for me? I'm ultra-mechanically inclined, but no experience with this other than tweaking the Allen heads to tighten accessories.
  7. awatson

    Should I buy a bow press?

    sjvcon, thanks! I'm gonna check out building a press if I don't find one on Craigslist.
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    Yeah right! I call BS on the PETA post. Tags will probably be our hands any day. Mine wasn't a leftover, and I don't have it yet either.
  9. awatson

    Should I buy a bow press?

    Thanks for the input. Standman, that one in your link looks pretty slick, and reasonably priced. I'm not so much looking at it as a one-time thing. I'm looking at it as saving some money now, and being able to do some work on my own stuff down the road. More of an investment in being able to save on future work. I can't justify dumping cash into older bows, and this seems like an option, with the restring kits for my bows running around $42.
  10. awatson

    Horses in Unit 36B

    You'd do best to take a dry run between now and your hunt. Make sure you get to know the area real good and know where the fences lines and trails are....or you wind up getting frustrated and cutting fences. I don't hunt from horses, not my style; but that's what I've heard.
  11. awatson

    Whose got 36a??

    In Tucson, we get them at Tucson Map and Flag, but I'm sure they're available online. PM sent.
  12. awatson

    what's the best bug repellent

    Cover up with loose clothing and use a high DEET content spray on your clothes. I don't want that crap on my skin either, but it's the only thing that REALLY works when they get bad.
  13. awatson

    Catfish TIme!

    Nice batch of Flats! I'm thinking of heading out with my kids in the next couple of weeks. Is that the Verde?
  14. awatson

    2013 draw results ?

    I doubt it. Most of these seem to be credit cards. A lot of them take 2 - 3 days to process before the charge shows up. My guess is that these were drawn last week and are just now showing up as actual charges. Bank debit cards show up instantly, so a lot of people knew right away last Thursday.
  15. awatson

    2013 draw results ?

    Seemed like 4-5 days last few years. I don't pay much attention because I had been putting in with a check until this year.
  16. awatson

    2013 draw results ?

    Seems to be over. The ones who are "still getting hit" probably used a credit card that takes two days to post. My bank card posts instantly, as soon as the transaction occurs. Haven't seen any action on it since deer tag hit yesterday afternoon.
  17. Ya think it's done already? Within 24 hours? Wondering if I should still be hoping.
  18. awatson

    Theyre hitting cards

    Got it. I didn't realize the $7.50 was already paid. I was looking for a $42.25 charge.
  19. awatson

    Theyre hitting cards

    Anyone know what would cause a 34.75 charge on my card? I only put in for rifle deer hunts, and put my kids in separate for jr. deer.
  20. awatson

    Any tips for half day Vancouver fishing guide?

    Ohhh noo, and probably a virus!
  21. awatson

    Unit 1 or 27? Mule Deer

    That's wishful thinking. The numbers will never be what they were 20 years ago. Look around; unfortunately, nothing is the same as it was 20 years ago, anywhere.
  22. awatson

    Bartlett Report

    Finally made it out there. Spent the night Saturday. We caught lots of cats under 14", a couple a little larger maybe 2 pounders. Used worms, live bluegills & livers. Caught everything on worms & livers. Nothing touched the bluegills. There were 3 other groups within a quarter mile of us. Everyone was having similar luck. We went the Bartlett Flats area, and I'm just wondering if it's deep enough there. Anyone have any info on vehicular access points to deeper holes (I'm without a boat)? Everything North of the Bartlett Flats area is closed to vehicular travel. Or is there access to the river just north of Bartlett, that I may have missed?
  23. awatson

    Amazing fishing day with the kids

    Dang! So how much does a 30" Trout weigh???
  24. awatson

    youth "hunt only" license question

    Yep, got it. It's all good for the draw, you just cannot purchase them through the draw process, like other normal licenses...for whatever brilliant reason.
  25. I put my kids in for a jr. elk hunt, and specified the $15.00 Hunt Only license. They got rejected, because i didn't see the note saying "not available through draw", and I had mailed a check. Lesson learned. Does anyone know if this license is acceptable to use to apply for a jr. hunt, through the draw? Through the draw they only give you the option to purchase the youth hunt-fish combo for $26.50. Does that mean that you must purchase a combo to apply for jr, hunts? I called the main G&F number, and after waiting on hold for 20 minutes, the woman couldn't even tell me if the $15.00 youth hunt license is acceptable to apply for the draw. She actually told me to ask the cashier at the sporting goods dept at Walmart!!