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    Where do people buy/sell guns?

    Gunbroker is OK, but it's mostly through FFL, taxed, etc... Armslist is the closet thing to Backpage - private party to private party sales with no tax or FFL
  2. awatson

    Anyone need 5.56 or 9mm brass?

    I'll pay $70. Where are you located?
  3. awatson

    Delete Please

    Sent you a message
  4. awatson

    Lower Black River

    We cheat.... find helgramites or crawdads and use them on a fly setup. Jelly worms or crawdads or anything similar work well.
  5. awatson

    White Mountain Lakes

    I had a trip planned to Big Lake last week and bumped it. My buddy went anyway. Two days in a boat...they caught one fish. Said nobody was catching much of anything. Another guy he talked to at the ramp had been there since Monday and caught his first fish Thursday. I guess the wind was horrible. Should pick up as the temps do.
  6. awatson

    Lower Black River

    Water is too high right now... like chocolate milk. I'd wait til the snowmelt is done.
  7. awatson

    Finally made it down south

    Where did you wind up staying?
  8. awatson

    Luna or Greer Lakes?

    I took a gamble a while back and reserved a place in Greer for April 11-14th, assuming Big Lake would be opened up. With Big/Crescent inaccessible and iced up, it looks like the only options are Luna or Greer Lakes. The Greer lakes look so small that I wonder if they carry holdover fish. Never been to Luna. Any ideas on what would be a best bet in this situation?
  9. awatson

    Big Lake Access Yet?

    Anyone been up to Big Lake? I'm sure the road from Alpine is drift covered still. Anyone know road condition and if there's still ice on the lake? Headed up in a couple weeks...hopefully
  10. awatson

    Big Lake Access Yet?

    It doesn't take much warm weather to lose the ice, but getting there is a different story. Got three more weeks til we leave...praying for warm weather!
  11. awatson

    Do we really need a border wall?

    Stiffen the laws? They already have plenty of laws that aren't enforced. What is adding more regulation, laws, etc... going to do?
  12. awatson

    Sonora Fishing 12-10

    Sorry I had to dig this up...2019 Lobos?
  13. awatson

    Any Ice on Sunrise?

    I heard you can drive on it now. Let us know.
  14. awatson

    Todd Rice and Sonoran Outfitters

    Maybe he meant $3,500. Why would any outfitter need $35k UPFRONT?
  15. awatson

    Antlerless cow tag in 6b Arizona

    How did you do?
  16. awatson

    Hey hunters, $20K reward *update*

    I can't believe they wouldn't have slapped a GPS locator on something like that years ago. Even backhoes and job trailers, etc... have them these days.
  17. awatson

    Little Boat, Big Lake

    You're fine. I use a boat and motor setup almost just like that in Rocky Point and San Carlos within a few miles of shore. Just watch the weather.
  18. awatson

    Sous Vide Summer sausage help - round 2 update

    It really needs the fat to get the correct consistency. I cold smoke mine, then into the oven on 160 degrees....very slowly up to internal temp of 152 degrees, then icewater bath. Works perfectly for me; you can actually see the white fat in it, like a commercial sausage.
  19. awatson

    420” San Carlos bull

    Looks like a $30,000 bull
  20. Why do people buy guns and not shoot them? Just curious.
  21. awatson

    Project Truck 95 Tahoe

    So, blowing white smoke sounds like it needs a head gasket after the overheating incident happened?
  22. God Bless him. Hoping he sends many more and halts all cross-border traffic. Plenty of other areas to hunt in 36B than just Ruby Rd.
  23. awatson


    So you'll read it, of course. If it was an honest title related to Poodles, people would scroll past
  24. awatson

    Wyoming Adventure

    Sweet! Just the drive to Wyoming would be more fun than the whole Disneyland trip...for me
  25. awatson

    Tikka Comparison

    I'm in the market for a decent shooting off-the-shelf rifle and looking at Tikka. Anyone know what the difference is between the "Hunter" the "Varmint" the "Lite Compact" and the "CMR"? They make them all in the same calibers, but there seems to be a huge range of prices between $625 - $1,300 Besides the obvious stock style/material and barrel length differences, are there accuracy differences? Different features?