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  1. 5 hours ago, oz31p said:

    I’m heading up for the first time in a few weeks

    any one have any advice on lures?

    We cheat.... find helgramites or crawdads and use them on a fly setup.  Jelly worms or crawdads or anything similar work well.   

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  2. I had a trip planned to Big Lake last week and bumped it.  My buddy went anyway.

    Two days in a boat...they caught one fish. Said nobody was catching much of anything. Another guy he talked to at the ramp had been there since Monday and caught his first fish Thursday.  I guess the wind was horrible. Should pick up as the temps do.

  3. I took a gamble a while back and reserved a place in Greer for April 11-14th, assuming Big Lake would be opened up.  With Big/Crescent inaccessible and iced up, it looks like the only options are Luna or Greer Lakes. The Greer lakes look so small that I wonder if they carry holdover fish. Never been to Luna. Any ideas on what would be a best bet in this situation?        

  4. Quote

    I’m not in favor of the wall because what it will do to wildlife. Storm run off is another consideration. Can we stiffen the laws for being here without documentation?

    Stiffen the laws? They already have plenty of laws that aren't enforced. What is adding more regulation, laws, etc... going to do? 

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  5. I'm in the market for a decent shooting off-the-shelf rifle and looking at Tikka.  Anyone know what the difference is between the "Hunter" the "Varmint" the "Lite Compact" and the "CMR"? They make them all in the same calibers, but there seems to be a huge range of prices between $625 - $1,300 

    Besides the obvious stock style/material and barrel length differences, are there accuracy differences? Different features?