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    2022 35a Goulds Turkey

    My wife killed her turkey a few years ago also in 35a. We did a flying mount for hers and her head is freeze dried. Jim Leevy did her bird. I do not believe he is doing it anymore. I was not gonna do mine as we had hers and changed my mind the day i got mine. I am doing a full strut mount by cranes taxi here in Tucson. Here is a couple pics of wifes. Also don't think you can go wrong with Cut N Strut
  2. Bucks N Bulls

    2022 35a Goulds Turkey

    Congrats on your bird. Really cool you got the call and took that tag and it worked out. Most goulds in units are i believe still uneducated. I do believe 35a is getting a little more educated as the tags have increased. A little more pressure but certainly nothing like meriams. Thats why i only wanted the 34a tag with a total 4 tags between both hunts. Also a big plus to have young ones with you. Very special!
  3. Bucks N Bulls

    Goulds in the Santa Ritas

    After years of waiting. I finally drew the tag. Opening day my wife and i called and got a response. He gobbled good but was moving away as he already was henned up. We moved in on him and saw he was missing a single tail feather. We played with him a bit and got some good footage of him strutting. I decided to pass him. If he had that feather he was a shooter for me. Wife and i continued on and found some fresh tracks and strut marks. So started call8ng and got an imediate response. H3 2as coming quick. I handed call to my wife and told her to keep calling. She could see him coming in. I drew back and he came ot facing me at about 15 yards. I settled pin on his beard and let it fly. Arrow sailed through him and he kept strutting. I missed all body and went through nohing but feathers. He followed his hens down the mountain. Found the arrow and nothing but a little wad of down feather on the broadhead. We ended up with our 2 year old grandson that night do tounfortunate events. So we decided to take him with us on day 2. We went anotber area that we have seen birds in the past. Not a single response anywhere in the area. So wife said lets go back where we were the day before. So we made it back to the ranger and hauled butt. It was late in the morning and getting hot. Went back to the first area from the day before and found the same tom i had passed in the exact same spot as the day before. This time i had the wife call and move up behind me with our grandson. The tom and his hens were moving out. She stayed put and kept calling to keep him talking. I moved up the ridge and around and in on him. They could hear me and moved away slowly. Good thing these guys are so uneducated. Hewas strutting and about 40 yards out. Knew it was tbe same tom but this time since my grandson was with us i decided i 2as gonna take him. So i did with 12 gauge and put him down. I took him to taxidermist and he weighed 22lbs. Taxi also told me that he was deffinately old and mature. Turns out he has a genettic deffect and never had that tail feather. He also looked at me like i was crazy and was like ahh this is not a passable bird. My grandson being there with my wife and i was the best. This was his first experience outdoors.
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    Goulds in the Santa Ritas

    Thanks for the comments. My wife just read the story and pointed out all my spelling and typo errors. Hate typing on the phone. The Santa Ritas is the only place i wanted a tag. It was worth the wait.
  5. Bucks N Bulls

    2022 Chiricahua’s Goulds

    Nice congratulations! Going after mine opening day Friday Santa Ritas.
  6. Bucks N Bulls

    Polaris extended warranty and service plan

    Polaris warranty sucks! I had there warranty on my ranger and they had to send out a rep to look and to check if they coverd parts which they did and clearly stated that they did on paper work. After a few weeks and finally approved. Rediculous! Better warranties out there
  7. Bucks N Bulls

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Wish you were worth the time but you are not. Soon you will be a worm feast.
  8. Bucks N Bulls

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    I just read it to. He is a piece of chit. And i believe he is the one taking tags from real hunters.
  9. Bucks N Bulls

    School me on getting suppressors

    Ok thanks! Thinking of one for my 300 and one for wifes 270
  10. Bucks N Bulls

    School me on getting suppressors

    Can you shoot a 300 win mag without ear plugs when shooting a suppressor?
  11. Bucks N Bulls

    December Tags 2021

    Last 2 days we have seen alot of rut activity. Mostly 80s and few 90s some smaller bucks chasing. It has definatey started where we have been. A couple 90 + buks by themselves.
  12. Bucks N Bulls

    Api grand slam climber for sale

    Have an api grand slam.only used a few times. Seats and straps are in excellent condition. The plastic over the chains a little dry .To many stands so selling the climber. Asking $125.00 in Vail/ Tucson. Send pm if interested
  13. Bucks N Bulls

    Api grand slam climber for sale

  14. Bucks N Bulls

    WTT MEC 302 1 1/8th Bar

    Midway usa has fed 209a right now
  15. Bucks N Bulls

    Card hits??

    I have same unit as you. According to Justin
  16. Bucks N Bulls

    Card hits??

    Finally got my goulds tag. 24 points
  17. Bucks N Bulls

    37a 2020 Ram

    Looks really nice Brent
  18. Bucks N Bulls

    CWT B.P.

    My son is BP and goes through alot of bs with all this shoot head and his administrations horse crap. Extrememly proud father! Bless him and all the agents on the frontlines 24hrs a day.
  19. Bucks N Bulls

    WTB 7mm Remington brass

    Midwayusa has nosler 7mm
  20. Bucks N Bulls

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    Signed and same thing with the emails
  21. Bucks N Bulls

    Atv tire, trailer hitch

  22. Bucks N Bulls

    Atv tire, trailer hitch

    Have a new never mounted carlisle at 489 26x11x12 rear tire. $75.00 And have a 12,000 lb hitch used. Dont remember brand $150.00 Send me a pm in tucson/vail
  23. Bucks N Bulls

    Api grand slam climber for sale

  24. Bucks N Bulls


    Used this chroni twice. Own a lab radar so up for sale. $100.00 pm if interested. Vail/Tucson
  25. Bucks N Bulls