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    Sent you a pm
  2. I am looking for 1000 cci 350 or 300 and 1000 550 primers. Trade 1 lb 1for 1. If interested please pm me. Im in vail, tucson. I am also interested in trading a lb of either for h4831sc.
  3. Bucks N Bulls

    Imr 4350 and h335 trade for pistol primers

    I can also trade h4350 as well. I have 1lb bottles.
  4. Bucks N Bulls

    Imr 4350 and h335 trade for pistol primers

    Unfortunately i need 550 and 350. I can also trade for cci300. Thankyou though!
  5. Bucks N Bulls

    freakin rodents!

    I had pack rats chew all my wiring on my toy hauler and built a nest and chewed every wire in my onan 4500 on board generator. This was also brand new. I had to rewire everything. Pulled generator out and orderd all new wiring from cummins and rewired my self. I found 3 nests. I trapped and killed 23 rats in four days. I also had my wife stab nests with a 4 ft piece rebar and as rats ran out shot them with 410. Since then i stuff all holes with fine steel wool. And in generatoer area i load up on moth balls and dryer sheets. I have not had a problem since. But i always look for new nests. I feel your pain. Really sux!
  6. Bucks N Bulls

    2020 Coues

    Crazy weather down here for sure. Congratulations on a fine buck!
  7. Bucks N Bulls

    Couse Success!

    dang nice buck! Congratulations
  8. Bucks N Bulls

    My dads buck

    Thats a killer buck!
  9. Bucks N Bulls

    Some people

    Call a tow truck
  10. Bucks N Bulls

    Fire and Recreational Shooting Restrictions

    Ya i called again and no ban down here at all.
  11. Bucks N Bulls

    Fire and Recreational Shooting Restrictions

    Where are you finding this? I was trying last night to find info for Coronado. I want to sight some rifles. I even tried calling and all i get is a repeated message. Thanks!
  12. Bucks N Bulls

    Frustrated Newbie turned Ecstatic First Timer.

    heck of a 1st buck! Congratulations!
  13. Bucks N Bulls

    Punched my 2020 Tag

    Very cool buck! Watched your video and like the footage. Congratulations!
  14. Bucks N Bulls

    Draw results

    Soooo worth it.😉
  15. Bucks N Bulls

    Draw results

    21 points for goulds and did not draw. My son with 3 points drew my goulds tag. Gonna be fun as only 2 tags
  16. Bucks N Bulls

    4a youth elk success

    Congratulations! Nice to see the kidos being successfull
  17. Bucks N Bulls

    Youth cow unit 22 help

    Sweet! Love them girls out hunting. My daughter lives for it. Congratulations!
  18. Bucks N Bulls

    Bubba Strikes Again

    Way to go! Great shot as well! Congratulations!
  19. Bucks N Bulls

    The Draw

    I did turkey and have 21 points. Still probably won't get Goulds
  20. Bucks N Bulls

    Youth success

    Thats very cool. Congratulations!
  21. Bucks N Bulls

    That was fast

    Awesome! Congratulations on a nice deer.
  22. Bucks N Bulls

    RIP Eddie Van Halen

    Sad day for sure. RIP!
  23. Bucks N Bulls

    Big D strikes again

    Great bull for sure. Congratulations!
  24. Bucks N Bulls

    Bubba Shot a Bull

    Very cool! Congratulations!