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    34A junior hunt

    Congratulations! Nice bucks and nice smiles.
  2. Bucks N Bulls

    Bugles in 9 part 2

    Flatlander you nailed it. Opening morning after the chase we had a small bull bugling. We got on him and I was getting my wife set up on him for practice.She was getting frustrated as the bull was walking through. She got mad at me because there was a tree directly in front of her. I got mad right back and told her to follow the bull as he is walking and that I was not gonna let her shoot through an fn tree. We got loud and yelled at each other while this little bull was still cruising by. It was not funny at the time but after a little cool down for both of us it's funny now. They do test your patience lol!
  3. Bucks N Bulls

    Worth the Wait . . .

    Love the story. All the highs and the lows is what it's about,then to come out on top. Very nice bull Congrats!
  4. Bucks N Bulls

    My AZ Bull

    That is really cool lookin bull.congrats!
  5. Bucks N Bulls

    7E Bull

    Nice bull and well deserved. I read alot of your posts and you are always helping people. Congratulations!
  6. Bucks N Bulls

    Heat's 7W Archery Bull Elk Hunt

    Great unique bull. Gongratulations on a nice bull.
  7. Bucks N Bulls

    Topped last year. (Updated with Video)

    Wow what a perfect looking bull. Has it all. Congratulations dream bull for sure.
  8. Bucks N Bulls

    7W Bull

    Nice bull. Way to go
  9. Bucks N Bulls

    Daughter's First Elk

    That is awesome! Nothing like your kids being successfull and the smiles Nd memories it brings. Congratulations. Also get the havalon deal. Seem to lose a piece of something everytime. Lol!
  10. Bucks N Bulls

    Bugles in 9

    So up here for wifes muzzy tag. Not much for bugling that i can tell. I talked with a couple bowhunters and they said bugling was minamal as well. Was just wondering if anyone has been here and has heard more or knows someone that has or hasn't. Wife had an early rifle tag in 2012. We scouted hard and the day before the hunt started we had to leave do to my brothers death. This year she drew the muzzy tag and thought about time she gets to go. Well was planning on being here last week and then my brittany came down with severe pancreatitus and giardia and was in icu for 4 days at the vet. Didn't think she was gonna make it and so looked into donating the tag. My wife and i stayed with her all day and night in shifts. So was thinking she would not get to hunt again. Well she was released after the 4th day on monday with a feeding tube. Wife being a nurse was able to feed and give meds through tube. Tuesday she was up and rambunctious. We took her to vet and they did blood tests and revealed a clean bill of health with some recovery time. Green light and packed up and God willing we are at camp as of yesterday afternoon. So finally she will get to hunt. Drove around all night listening and heard a few but not what i was expecting. So thought i would see what others have encounterd the last 2 weeks as far as bugling goes. Sorry for the long read,But 2 nightmares in a row for her tags. So hopefully she will be successful. If not at least we are in the woods elk hunting and my dog is almost fully recoverd.she is here with us by the way and one of my 2 grown kids will stay with her at camp.
  11. Bucks N Bulls

    Bugles in 9

    Well got into them pretty good this am. Had a ouple oppertunities that just didnt work out. Really tbick in places and things in the way but was awesome bugling and rutting action. 2 bulls faught all morning. 3 bulls were pretty good. All bugles stopped around 730 8 just like you said phil beavers.
  12. Bucks N Bulls

    Bugles in 9

    Yeah that is no surprise there.
  13. Bucks N Bulls

    coues up close

    Awesome with homemade bow
  14. Bucks N Bulls

    The drought is over

    Great buck to end the drought with, congrats!
  15. Bucks N Bulls

    Opening Day buck

    Real nice, congrats!
  16. Bucks N Bulls

    2017: What is your bull goal this year?

    Wife has 9 muzzy so she aint shootin till i say or she overides me ha ha! Meat last day depending on how the rut and hunt plays out. Bottom line as long as she is happy thats what matters to me.
  17. Bucks N Bulls

    2017 Mexico Buck on the Wall

    Wow! That is a perfect mount.
  18. Bucks N Bulls

    August Plan A - Pic Heavy

    Yeah i see the name in lower corner now.very impressive for that deal. Like you pics.
  19. Bucks N Bulls

    August Plan A - Pic Heavy

    Those are some really nice pics. Which primos camera is this?
  20. Bucks N Bulls


  21. Bucks N Bulls

    Portal results up

    Dec tag here.
  22. Bucks N Bulls

    Primos Ground Max Blind

    I would like it and give you the 75
  23. Bucks N Bulls

    Dogtra 300m shock collar $170.00

    Coues pursuit I like these as well with the pager and knick. My friend had this unit for awhile and that is why i bought it. Muledeerarea33 This unit does not run multiple collars to my knowledge. But dogtra xoes make a unit that does run 2 collars and believe that is a model 302 2 dog.
  24. Bucks N Bulls

    Dogtra 300m shock collar $170.00

    Bought this collar for my french brittany. I used it one time and shocked only once. She learned from that moment. Collar is like new in box. I did cut collar a little bit but should fit larger dog easily. I live in Vail and can meet in Tucson or sounding area. Cash face to face of check by mail and will ship after funds clear. I will ship free. Sorry for sideways pic from phone. (520)349-9695 Sean
  25. Bucks N Bulls

    Colorado Archery Hunt

    That was a great write up Brent. Great job on gettin it done.It's more about the experiace than world records. To fill the tag is feat all by itself and a bonus.Missed you in rules!!!