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    Bugles in 9

    Yeah that is no surprise there.
  2. Bucks N Bulls

    coues up close

    Awesome with homemade bow
  3. Bucks N Bulls

    The drought is over

    Great buck to end the drought with, congrats!
  4. Bucks N Bulls

    Opening Day buck

    Real nice, congrats!
  5. Bucks N Bulls

    2017: What is your bull goal this year?

    Wife has 9 muzzy so she aint shootin till i say or she overides me ha ha! Meat last day depending on how the rut and hunt plays out. Bottom line as long as she is happy thats what matters to me.
  6. Bucks N Bulls

    2017 Mexico Buck on the Wall

    Wow! That is a perfect mount.
  7. Bucks N Bulls

    August Plan A - Pic Heavy

    Yeah i see the name in lower corner now.very impressive for that deal. Like you pics.
  8. Bucks N Bulls

    August Plan A - Pic Heavy

    Those are some really nice pics. Which primos camera is this?
  9. Bucks N Bulls


  10. Bucks N Bulls

    Portal results up

    Dec tag here.
  11. Bucks N Bulls

    Primos Ground Max Blind

    I would like it and give you the 75
  12. Bucks N Bulls

    Dogtra 300m shock collar $170.00

    Coues pursuit I like these as well with the pager and knick. My friend had this unit for awhile and that is why i bought it. Muledeerarea33 This unit does not run multiple collars to my knowledge. But dogtra xoes make a unit that does run 2 collars and believe that is a model 302 2 dog.
  13. Bucks N Bulls

    Dogtra 300m shock collar $170.00

    Bought this collar for my french brittany. I used it one time and shocked only once. She learned from that moment. Collar is like new in box. I did cut collar a little bit but should fit larger dog easily. I live in Vail and can meet in Tucson or sounding area. Cash face to face of check by mail and will ship after funds clear. I will ship free. Sorry for sideways pic from phone. (520)349-9695 Sean
  14. Bucks N Bulls

    Colorado Archery Hunt

    That was a great write up Brent. Great job on gettin it done.It's more about the experiace than world records. To fill the tag is feat all by itself and a bonus.Missed you in rules!!!
  15. Bucks N Bulls

    Credit hit

    Jusr got hit. Wife or i have dec tag. Woohoo!
  16. Bucks N Bulls

    Toy Hauler Help?

    I also raised the lower bunk brackets up for ranger to fit underneath.
  17. Bucks N Bulls

    Toy Hauler Help?

    I have a stealth 26 foot bumper pull. I bought it because it fit my ranger. I have the raiesd bunks in mine. My ranger fits just right.
  18. Bucks N Bulls

    What kind of bird is this???

    This is a coppery tailed tragon. Here is a picture of one i recently got on video while bear hunting In Santa Ritas. The pic not so good as i took it with my phone while on pause from video.
  19. Bucks N Bulls

    Credit Card Hit!!!

    Wow that was evil. I went through excitement, sadness and back to happy again knowing i still have a chance. That was a good one.
  20. Bucks N Bulls

    insurance on side by side

    I was quoted 35 a month liability and 45 a month full coverage for my 2012 polaris ranger xp 800. Does this sound high to you? I was wondering if anyone here has better rates they get? Or is this the area it should be? Thanks! Sean
  21. Bucks N Bulls

    insurance on side by side

    Thanks guys. 100 or so is more around the pricing that i was thinking it should be. Don't use this as much as a vehicle and thought that my quote was steep. Gonna check into some of your companies and see if i can get a better deal. 520hunt that is correct. liability only means nothing in return if something happens. The full coverage would mean it covers everything for the other party and yourself. I will have to check when i find something to make sure theft is included.
  22. Bucks N Bulls

    Suggestions on which side by side to buy

    I have a ranger 2012 xp 800. The best machine i ever bought. Ive hauled 6 people in it and our hunting gear over bad terrain. It ate it up likeno ones buisness. The more power tbe better.
  23. Bucks N Bulls

    Black Friday - Rem 700s New - $400 at Dicks

    Yep ive boycotted discks after the anti gun move. They will never see another penny from me.
  24. I was wondering what windshield you guys run on your utv here in az. I have been looking at the kolpin full windshield that tilts. I have seen mixed reviews. We are in the desert with some pretty rough terrain. So do you run with glass or some lexan windshield? i read most reviews about brackets being cheap or windshields rattle. Then i also think about flying rocks or mesquite branches hitting windshield as well. They are pretty expensive so i thought i would see what you guys have to say. Thanks! Sean
  25. Bucks N Bulls

    what windshield do you run on your polaris ranger

    Thanks wendt. That certainly looks like a solid windshield. Think i might have to look into that one as well.