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    Sendero Stock Trigger vs Timney vs Shilen

    I have sendero ll in 7mm. i put a timney trigger in mine and what a differance to me. I love it.
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    Wife and i have been to big island and Maui twice.Once in march and last August. We love both islands. Maui has alot to offer.from water to mtns to tropical forests.We liked the big island for the volcano and we liked Kona.We hiked out to the lava flows and sat right above the ocean entry. We actually put sticks in flowing lava. We have decided that everytime we go back we will do Maui and another island each time.Maui is our favorite. If you go to Maui, you have to go to the town of Paia. To the Paia fish market. It's the best place to eat. Wherever you go i would suggest buying a guide book. We bought the blue ones by wizard publications. They are very good and very accurate.
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    Opening morning sucess

    Very nice! Congrats!
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    You can kill a boar or a sow with no cubs. What you are seeing is the sow limits for each unit. So if 20 tags are issued and a sow is harvested that unit will close the following wedensday. Even if the other tags have not been filled for the other permit holders.
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    Looking for a Taxidermist

    Jerry,s taxidermy is very good. He has almost no overhead so he keeps his prices low. His work is exceptional. He spends alot of time in the woods and knows his animals very well. I think thats what makes him so good because he pays attention to detail.
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    credit card hits

    wife or i got a goulds tag. Son may have a bear tag not sure yet as he has some charges pending. calculations say he does,we'll see.
  7. Bucks N Bulls

    Docter 15x60 SOLD!!!!!

    selling my Docter 15x60 glasses with tripod adapter. $650.00 You can pm with questions or call Sean (520)349-9695
  8. Bucks N Bulls

    SKS norinco chinese

    chinese norinco sks! has the bayonet and the cleaning kit in the stock. asking $400.00 You can pm me or call (520)349-9695. In Vail,Tucson area.
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    cow elk with. 223 and sheds

    Also looks like there might be a few holes in her? Ya i've seen a few holes in elk with big calibers too! That has nothin to do with it.
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    2012 BULL

    That is one cool bull! Congrats!
  11. Bucks N Bulls

    My 2012 Bull

    Nice bull! Thats a wicked brow tine! congrats
  12. Bucks N Bulls

    A Hunter's Good Deed - Monster Bull in 7W

    Wish everyone was good like that.It's nice to know we still have good people with great ethics!!!
  13. Thx for the report! nice to here whats happenin up there. Wifes hunt starts in 2 weeks up there. Good luck!
  14. Bucks N Bulls

    Got my bear!

    Great write up! thats a very nice bear!
  15. Bucks N Bulls

    Couple pictures from todays excursion

    Those are some great pics for sure!
  16. Bucks N Bulls

    Great Find!!

  17. Bucks N Bulls

    My Sons 2011 junior hunt mount

    Great buck! very nice mount!
  18. Bucks N Bulls


    Lots a great pics! lotta variety of bears!
  19. Bucks N Bulls

    Mongo the bear

    Candy gram for Mongo!
  20. Bucks N Bulls

    Archery bear

    I'm gonna do a rug mount.
  21. Bucks N Bulls

    Archery bear

    Hello everyone! Thought i would share my bear with you all. I hunted pretty hard since opening day. I have not even seen any bears on the hunt. I did have a few bears on cams. Then finally the other morning at 6:30 am i was already expecting another non action long day. When i looked to my left and low and behold here comes a nice chocolate bear.I drew on this bear 3 differant times before he finally gave me a shot. By the 4th draw my arms were rubber. I loosed an arrow and unfortunately the bear dropped down and my arrow went through the hair on his back. He ran up the hill behind a tree looking back trying to figure out what all the noise was. As i watched him staring down at the spring i hear some light breathing and woofing sounds. I imediately think man don't tell me this bear has a cub coming down the hill. Now i can't shoot it when it clears the tree. I look over and here comes a huge blonde bear.The chocolate bear see's the blonde coming in and runs away. The blonde bear comes straight to me and turns broadside at 16 yards. I let my g5 stiker loose and drill the bear' he rolls around and sits up looking at himself. He starts to walk away and stops and looks at himself again and continues to walk. At 27 yards my second arrow is on its way. The bear rolls around sits down and looks at himself again. He gets up trots up the hill and dies crashing down into the leaves. This is my 1st bear and 3rd tag. His skull measured 18 11. I couldn't ask for a better bear. Pretty amazing not to see anything and then 2 bears come in within moments of each other.My daughter was with me that day which made it even better. I hope you like him. Sean
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    Results Are Out!

    my deer and sheep are showing the same thing. I'm guessin they'll fix that when they update the bonus points. I hope!
  23. Just looked at website
  24. Bucks N Bulls

    Results Are Out!

    Not only did my wife draw unit 10 early rifle elk this year,now she just hit the 35b dec wt tag. And i got the late nov 33 wt tag. Looks like our fall and winter are booked. Wooohooo!!!
  25. Bucks N Bulls

    Small buck, bull, and bear

    Great pics. Love the variety of animals!