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  1. How do Coues typically respond to wildfires and burn scar regrowth? How soon after the fire will deer repopulate an old burn to take advantage of the fresh regrowth? Does the lack of cover in a large burn area deter bigger bucks from coming back in? Is the regrowth as soon as a year after a fire may be a big draw to them? If you had a big buck patterned before a fire, will he return to the same spot afterwards? Thanks for any input!
  2. I was curious as to what some of you folks that know multiple units down in AZ think as to the worthiness of building points to be used toward the late December rifle hunts. I have 10 points as a NR again, and have hunted the grey ghost down there twice unsuccessfully in unit 32. Saw tons of deer the first hunt as it was cool weather, just couldn't put it together, and didn't hardly see deer the second hunt with much warmer weather. I want a solid buck that will look good mounted on my wall and a quality hunt. I also now have a better work schedule that will allow me to hunt the late December time frame instead of the early hunts. The question is are the AZ late coues hunts truly worth the bonus points they require over the next tier of hunts? According to TopRut.com: The hardest do draw units 22 & 23 are 15 points, the next level units 24a, 27, 29 take 11-12, then the tier I can draw next year-6b, 24b, 31, 32, 33, 6a take 8-10 points, then you have the border units taking 3-6 points for 30b, 30a, 36a, 35a, 34b, 35b, 36b, 34a, 36c. Are there really that much better hunts in the high point units? Are there more deer? Bigger bucks? I won't have time to come scout and locate a buck, so will just be relying on my glassing skills and getting lucky. I will take the entire season off to hunt if needed though. Bottom Line: Will I have a chance at a better buck (all else equal as to luck of location picked to go and ability to find a buck) on a 10 pt draw hunt vs a 5 pt draw tag if I average my points with my hunting buddy that has a big fat 0 points? Said buddy will go along either way, but easier to convince his wife to let him go along if he also has a tag and he might be able to play hooky more days. Thanks for the input!
  3. I'd rather have a big coues any day of the week over a big mule deer at this point of my hunting career. I have been very fortunate on mule deer hunts in Colorado and used to manage a large ranch that didn't allow outside hunters and already have 8 trophy muleys on the wall between the wife and I. I do however, believe that a truly trophy sized mule deer is becoming one of the hardest to find treasures of the hunting world. I am building points for them in other states, and have burned 26 points between 2 solid rifle tags in the past 2 years without even chambering a round. Just didn't see a buck that floated my boat with size or character.
  4. Thanks for the info. I am definitely going to hold out for a December hunt in hopes of prerut activity. Flatlander, Thats exactly what I figured was going on. To me, the higher deer numbers make for a higher quality hunting experience. It should give you more bucks to chase, and I feel quality can be a numbers game going in blind unless you get lucky and pick the right pocket with a great buck to start with.