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    Is 20 gauge 3" enough?

    Viper, here you go! Now lets see what that savage can do. turkeytarget1.pdf
  2. This was a few years back. Check out the blue tag in his ear!!
  3. I had a picture of a mountain lion 2 days earlier. Notice her neck!
  4. couesntime

    2013 Dec bucks!

    Good job! sweet bucks!
  5. couesntime

    Mogollon completes an Awesome Javi!

    That's awesome! Congrats.
  6. I am looking at purchasing these. I was curious what others might have to say good or bad about them?
  7. couesntime

    winged eye cups for the 10x50 slc

    Thank you for the input! Im not sure about the ease that they come off, but may take your suggestion joeeden about carrying originals with.
  8. couesntime

    Bonus point question

    Good info, thanks!
  9. couesntime

    Broken Crappie Rod

    Next time don't buy a "crappie" rod! I'm sorry, I couldn't resist! Sounds like you got good info from people, keep us posted,
  10. couesntime


    With the season coming to an end, I wish I could have seen this buck during the daytime! He didn't get big galavanting around between 10 and 2, haha. Maybe next year!
  11. couesntime

    December Rut Tag Big Typical Down

    sweet video! looks like you had some good times and got rid of a pesky yote! Great buck!
  12. couesntime

    When do sheds start dropping?

    Im thinking they wont drop this year! However, if they do, I would start looking in July! Good Luck.
  13. couesntime

    How many animals have you harvested in Arizona

    3 coues (looking for # 4) 1 coyote 1 squirrel Looking for my first elk tag! All archery and in 4 years!
  14. couesntime

    2014 Elk and Antelope Draw Odds

    Flatlander, Thank you for the numbers!
  15. couesntime

    2014 Elk and Antelope Draw Odds

    Thanks Flatlander for your time and expertise! How about 6a early muzzy and 23 late rifle with 5 pts?
  16. couesntime


    good luck to all the folks willing, ready, and eager to end their deer season in Januarary! I cant wait for the posts to start showing up. 11 months was a long time ago... Im ready to do it again!
  17. couesntime


    I hope everyone drove to their local branch office for a license!!! Or you have to wait until the first day of the hunt to get a tag/license! What a joke. How about some kind of news letter or email stating this information.just trying to slow down the honest hunters IMO!
  18. couesntime

    100"+ DEADHEAD

    sweet find in good condition! my guess is 109! Keep us posted.
  19. couesntime

    2013 Muzzleloader Elk

    More pics and story please!
  20. couesntime

    how long for your first coues?

    three for four since living here! To say Im excited about Janurary is a huge understatement. I probably average 90-100hrs of sitting for each deer. Good luck to all this year and next. I might try some spot n stalk or maybe some ambush to break things up and do something new!
  21. couesntime

    Strange in Unit 22N- Your thoughts??

    here is another one. interesting thing to me is how many people may know the story behind these bulls? Cool find, sad scenario!
  22. couesntime

    WTB 300 wheatherby bullets

    Looking for Remington core lokt 180 grain. Let me know if you got some extras! Will trade some 30.06 if interested. Thanks.
  23. couesntime

    Got my archery bull back.

  24. couesntime

    NM unit 21

    I put in for and drew the first rifle hunt over in unit 21. My question is what is the quality/quantity of deer in there? I heard there might even be a coues or 2 running that unit? Anybody familiar with what I should expect? Thanks.
  25. couesntime

    NM unit 21

    Thanks for the input guys! I like trying out new areas and seeing what I can come up with. It sounds like this hunt might be a good one. Hopefully the muzzy guys dont get them all, and I can get away from the other 499 hunters! How far will these bucks get from water? Are they starting to look at the does in the early november hunts?