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  1. Regan, I watched your episode twice now! You guys did awesome! The first time I watched it, I thought dam... that guy looks familiar! Its a small world out there especially amongst serious grey ghost hunters. Take care and consider yourself having another vote. And maybe I will run into you again, come next Jan! We can catch up more!
  2. couesntime

    Tree Stand Height

    The higher the better. I like to find a tree that has a big branch on it way up there for multiple reasons. First, I can put gear on or in that branches foilage. second, I position my stand so that branch acts as cover from multiple angles. Third, it acts as a hand/foot hold for coming up or down. You dont want to be at the bottom of a slope or even mid slope.. this leads to getting winded, even with the best scent elemination products. Lastly, if you can... put up 2 stands, so you can hunt regardless of wind. good luck and keep us posted! 2 more ideas. I put a long sleeve camo shirt around the tree where my back will be in contact with the tree to eleminate noise from the bark and make sure the harness strap is up and out of the way when you go to draw back your bow.
  3. couesntime

    New Mexico Sheds?

    Do you NM guys have cameras? Lets see some pics!
  4. couesntime

    Couple of 110+ Coues Mounted

    Very nice work! I cant wait to see mine!
  5. couesntime

    Gay Marriage

    Let them do what they want! Lets just quit spending Money and time on it like we have some! There are much bigger problems to face and deal with right now.. uggh
  6. couesntime


    Not worried about it until next year! Hopefully soon to all the folks that got cc hits!
  7. couesntime

    Number 2... On the way!

    Well you do live in SURPRISE!
  8. couesntime

    3rd choice

    Congrats! now go buy a lottery ticket. I was hoping to get my 6th choice.. Haha. someday the sun, moon and stars will align for me!
  9. couesntime

    draw results?

    Congrats to all of you lucky tag holders! Hopefully its a great year for you all and some bulls hit the ground. Im looking forward to seeing pics and reading some good stories!
  10. couesntime

    draw results?

    I had the same problem with Bof A. I changed everything the day I got my card. I am still nervous about the whole deal... seems to close to the draw for that to be a coincidence! My understanding is that Bashas grocery store got hacked and they got a ton of information from peoples "bashas card". I rarely go into bashas, but when I do, It seems like I stand in line for 1/2 hr regardless of time of day just to buy some bread and milk or whatever. They suck, so in my opinion... stay away from bashas!
  11. couesntime

    Are You Ready? - Elk Video

    Sweet video! Im ready, lets go already game n fish!
  12. couesntime

    any one selling a shed?

    PM me if your around Payson.
  13. couesntime

    It happened to me!

    Well it all started like most, with extreme cold temperatures at the beginning of month. I sat and sat and sat a little more, for a total of 90 hours until it happened. I passed a few bucks during the month trying to hold out for a good one. My goal was 90in. I have been sneeking out of work when time allows and hitting the weekends hard. I left work yesterday at 1100 and was in my tree by noon. When I was just about to my stand, I noticed a doe walking around. She took off and I climbed up. I was not in my tree 10 minutes when a spike walked right under me. He left and things got quiet for about an hour. I look up and see a deer coming on the same line that spike left on. I didn't get my bow ready, thinking it was the spike again. about 2 seconds later I noticed it was a good 3ptr that I would have been real happy with. So here he comes more or less right at me. I draw my bow, but cant get my right elbow around the tree. So there I am holding back for what seems like an eternity. I start shaking and when my bow jerks the buck walks back where he came from. Bummer, so Im replaying all this in my head trying to figure out what I could have done better. I look up not 10 minutes later and here comes that same buck, the spike and the big boy! The big boy was in the lead and not worried about a thing. I drew well in advance of him coming through the lane. He did his part like he knew the script and I dropped the hammer down and watched my arrow hit the mark! The other 2 bucks initially spooked but then continued to mill around for a while until I started talking on my phone, spreading the news that just could not wait anymore! I could not be happier with the outcome to my 2013 archery season. I look forward to having Clay do the shoulder mount and see what magic numbers he comes up with! For all of you that are curious... I roughed scored him lastnight at 107. The main beams are both 18in and the mass is crazy good all the way through! Thanks for reading, and good luck last day hunters and soon to be tag holders!
  14. couesntime

    January Buck, Done for the Year

    Congrats on that nice deer!
  15. couesntime

    It happened to me!

    UPDATE... Got my buck measured by an offical scorer, and he taped out at 112! Also, the buck aged at 6 or 7.
  16. Do you think he is blind in that eye?
  17. couesntime

    It happened to me!

    Thanks everyone, what an epic day yesterday was!
  18. I will offer 450. if we can meet in Payson. Or 425.00 if we need to meet some where?? 505-228-1308 Rob.
  19. couesntime

    One more month!

    Hopefully this guy stays around for another month or so. He is walking a scrape line in this pic, but did not touch it. He is also running with another nice 3pt that probably goes 90. Any thoughts on what this fellow might score? The left side looks like 2 main beams and thats it!
  20. couesntime

    2012 Velvet nap!

    peroxide on the skull that is barber shop quality and a flat head screw driver around the base of his antlers. Then I cut a piece of juniper (about 3in diameter) and screwed that to the base and also into the brain cavity. it gives it a floating look from the front. I had a buddy use tounge oil on the base to preserve the wood as well as make the grain look just a little more bold.
  21. couesntime

    2012 Velvet nap!

    Well it was my 3rd time sitting a stand in a place I knew held deer in January. I hung a stand last saturday and starting hunting on Sunday. I heard bulls going crazy all day, but no deer activity. Yesterday after work I snuck out for a few hour sit. At about 5 I had a doe come through and at 6 I heard some noise off about 80 yds. Here comes 3 bucks! 2 spikes and this guy are headed right for me and on the cusp of winding me. The spikes got right under my tree, but the bigger one was just behind another tree with no shot. I thought the little guys were going to bust me as soon as I tried to draw. I pulled back with no other option and to my surprise the spikes just kept milling around. My buck finally moved away from the tree and presented me with a 15 yd broadside shot. I got double lungs and he went 70 yards before he got drunk and fell over! Funny part of the whole deal was that my truck is in the shop getting some work done, so I borrowed my roommates car. With the amount of time I have spent in this area not seeing deer but just observing nature, I thought it was safe to assume that killing was probably not a high percentage. After I saw the buck go down, I called some buddies with a truck to come pick up my deer. I got my buck back to the road and processed just in time to put him in the back of my buddies truck (all the while the bulls were going crazy, which is always fun to see and hear! I would have a lot of explaining to do if I put a deer in my room mates car that does not even hunt!
  22. couesntime

    2012 Velvet nap!

    I just wanted to share what I thought was a cool and unique way of displaying my coues! While cutting wood, I found a nice tear drop section of some shaggy bark juniper. With the help of a couple friends, we came up with this idea.
  23. couesntime

    Pipe feeder?

    Works great if you can keep the bears away like already said. I use them in the summer to see what is in the area and that is of course when the bears are looking to fill there bellys with easy food. Staps dont work, bears will tear them apart regardless and they keep all other critters away until they finally leave. You might have to check them often at first to see. I left this spot alone after I went in to check my SD card with my dog and kicked this bear out from his new lunch spot! He left piles of poop and was the only critter on camera!
  24. couesntime

    Unit 16 NM deer?

    Thanks for the info. It is always nice to hear the deer are moving around. I have seen a slight increase to the mule deer population over the past few years. Im not sure what was going on, but it seemed like the deer were wiped out 3-7 years ago. Taling with local ranchers... They tell me it is the wolves. Im not to sure that a hand full of "reported" wolves could do that much damage. Hopefully I can post a mulie from NM. Thanks again.