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  1. Like new overalls and jacket set with fold up hood in the the neck collar, turkey holder/decoy carrier on the back side of the jacket. Both the pants and jacket are not insulated and fit a medium size guy. I'm 5'9'' and 170lb and there is plenty of room for adjustment both ways on the bibs. ($20.00 for both).

    The two Jackets are identical and are insulated with shotgun shell holder/elastic on the inside of the front pockets. fits a small adult or growing kids! ($15.00 each or 25.00 for both).

    Take everything for $35.00 !!


    Camo 1.jpg

    Camo 2.jpg

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  2. Looking to see if anyone is interested in giving this red tick coon hound a good home? She is a really good dog and been around 2 other dogs that don't need the outside/running/sniffing time that hounds want. She is 3 years old with all the immunization shots ( including rattle snake). I just want her to have a hound life, maybe go lion or bear hunting, not a household city life.'m not looking to sell her for money. Pm with questions.post-5307-0-17698500-1530404509_thumb.jpg

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  3. Big Lake Jake, there was a very nice bull that looks awfully similar to the "big one" you posted that was hit by a rav 4 last night right in front of the Best Western. It was sad to see him laying head up, watching people take selfies with him all the while he couldn't get up. Law enforcement didn't take too long to show up and end his pain.

    Unfortunate.. Cmon rain!

  4. First time smoking a rib eye roast! After reading Chef's awesome information and acquiring a few herbs and spices I didn't previously have, I nailed it! This was so good it was amazing. I roasted a few veggies and had a great meal.

    Thanks again Chef for all the good info!post-5307-0-13480300-1514300031_thumb.jpgpost-5307-0-63212600-1514300045_thumb.jpgpost-5307-0-77994300-1514300068_thumb.jpgpost-5307-0-32031200-1514300092_thumb.jpg

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