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  1. papa

    Son's First Buck

    Geat job! and a Great deer. Its been 22 years since my son took his first buck I can remember it like it was yesterday. your moment will be around along time.
  2. papa

    Late Archery Bull ELK (4%)

    Great job,the story made me feel like I was there
  3. papa

    Randey's Story as Promised!

    Great story!sounds like your girl is hooked.
  4. papa

    Few more skull picture

    Looks like you have been busy Cole. This is Chads dad.
  5. papa

    Black Tip Down

    Great buck and story.
  6. papa

    My 2nd chance buck

    Nice buck,like the mass
  7. papa

    My first Coues

    Nice buck, great story
  8. papa

    My 2011 Archery Buffalo

    Great job along with fantastic pictures. Been thinking about switching to that blade.
  9. papa


    Great picture he looks in good shape. I have seen them out side of supeior.
  10. papa

    2011 Wyoming Antelope Trip

    Great hunt!what unit and what were the reguirements along with costs
  11. papa


    Very nice buck. those big desert mule deer always excite me. good job.
  12. papa

    Rylees First Deer

    Great RYLEE a very nice cow.The menories you made with family will keep you warm on cool night. I HAVE 3 YOUNG ONE THAT WILL BE HUNTING (CANT WAIT ) 0
  13. papa

    4A youth cow tag

    Good job first kill your .will have memories that last a life time.They will be repeated many times around the campfire with friends and family
  14. papa

    Kehls first deer!!

    kehl congratlation on your first BUCK.That smile you had on our face was from ear to ear. We were the couple that drove up to you in the ranger. Hunter it was nice to meet you.We worked that area over real hard and never saw the buck with the small drop that i told you about he is still in there. Kehl once again a great job.
  15. papa

    Kehls first deer!!