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  1. papa

    Son's first coues

    Very nice Buck! Congrats to your son.
  2. papa

    My 2015 AZ Bear

    Very nice Bear! Congrats.
  3. papa

    Finally got it done this morning

    Congrats on a great Bull!
  4. papa

    (2) Archery strip bucks down!

    Super nice Bucks! Congrats.
  5. Congrats on a Great Buck!
  6. papa

    2015 AZ Bear

    Congrats on a nice Bear!
  7. papa

    New Mexico bull tag

    Great draw Josh! Congrats
  8. papa

    Need some Advise

    TJ I have found that the full window has worked better for me on my 2012 crew. I now have the one that will tilt forward and lock a two different locations still get dust it also has a full factory top that works good. I also have a 2007 with a soft top that has worked great as well.
  9. rossislider two areas to look at the axel joints are prone to fail at 2,000 miles mind did had a clicking sound while driving. One other thing that happen to me was my heat shield over the exhaust cracked drove me nuts until I found it.
  10. papa

    24a elk

    I have got several nice Bulls on camera in the Apache mountains and East side of the unit.
  11. papa

    Son's first Javelina

    Congrats to your son on a nice pig!
  12. papa

    2015 big coues buck

    Great Buck and a great write up Josh. Is this the hunt you were trying to get Chad to tag along on?
  13. papa

    37b archery javelina Part 2

    Congrats on taking your first Pig. As many have said that was a great story.
  14. papa

    2015 archery desert mule deer

    Nice Buck! for sure.
  15. papa

    Son's First Big Game With a Bow

    Congrats to your son on a nice pig.
  16. papa

    When it all comes together........

    Super nice Buck. Congrats.
  17. papa

    2015 desert mule deer

    Very nice Buck! Congrats.
  18. papa


    Looks like the top in 23S if so been there a least 3 years.
  19. papa

    2015 pope and young buck down.

    Congrats on a great buck!
  20. papa

    Dad's 2014 Coues

    Father & Son hunting trips there is nothing better! Congrats on a great Buck.
  21. papa

    crane services Navajo nation

    Bragg Crane @ 602-312-9159 They have a great team.
  22. Congrats on a super nice Buck! No way I would pass.
  23. papa


    Heck of a year! Congrats to the young lady.