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  1. papa

    A dream mule deer buck.

    Real nice Buck! Congrats.
  2. papa

    36a buck

    Great Buck! Congrats
  3. papa

    11 yr old chases the 100" mark.

    Congrats to your son.
  4. papa

    my wife's buck

    Congrats to your wife on a great buck and Congrats to you for setting the stage for the future. Sure brings back memories my wife and I we took our son everywhere it sure developed the love of the outdoors in him. He's guiding a Coues hunt this week.
  5. papa

    Opinions wanted on Heavy duty trucks

    Gino I have a new Dodge 3500 Cummins this is my second Dodge and not one issue with the dodge product. a ton of power,can pull anything, braking no issue I run the engine brake all the time Love it , I was a Ford guy then tried a Dodge would no go back. The DEF/Blue fluid can be bought at any auto store / Wal-Mart for around $8:00 a gallon I keep a gallon in my trailer and never let the level get passed half. I am sure the Ford and Chevy are great trucks as well. Test them all! Good luck.
  6. papa

    Backpacking Buck

    That is a great Buck! Congrats.
  7. papa

    2014 "Plan-E" Buck down!!

    Super nice Buck! Congrats.
  8. papa

    21 coues and lion

    Super nice Buck!
  9. papa

    My 2014 buck

    Congrats on a great Buck.
  10. papa

    Mule Deer Hunt Success

    Pretty Buck Congrats.
  11. papa

    unit 21 coues

    She got a nice one! Congrats to her.
  12. papa

    My 1st deer

    Congrats on a nice Buck.
  13. Darn good one for sure Congrats.
  14. papa

    Opening morning success!

    Nice Buck congrats.
  15. papa

    I Have returned...sorry for the delay

    Congrats to your mom for taking a very nice Bull!
  16. papa

    My girls first elk and my boys second

    Congrats to the kids Josh. Chad told me you guys cleaned up.
  17. papa

    Meant to be BULL

    Congrats on a great Bull.
  18. papa

    My Archery Antelope Hunt with Video

    Nice Goat congrats!
  19. papa

    Wife's First Elk-Cow

    Congrats on a fine elk!
  20. papa

    My 12 yr old son's 1st coues!

    Great Buck Congrats.
  21. papa

    Happy Birthday Coues&Sheep

    Have a good one Gino!
  22. papa

    Jared last youth tag

    Congrats Jared on taking a very nice Buck!
  23. papa

    Two tags/Two Elk

    Congrats to both you and your son on some nice Bulls
  24. papa

    daughters opening morning buck

    Congrats to your Daughter!
  25. papa

    2014 Muzzleloader Bull (Updated with story)

    Super nice Bull Congrats!