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  1. papa

    July Elk Pics

    Nice Bulls! got me pumped.
  2. papa

    Mady's Bull

    Outstanding bull!. Congrats to your daughter.
  3. Super Bear!! its a lot of work when you get one of those big boys down. Great job.
  4. papa

    Hunt Pix over the years

    Very Nice
  5. papa

    Son got his bull back

    Congrats to your son, the mount looks great.
  6. papa

    cards are being hit

    Hits x 2 hope its the late WT
  7. papa

    Multiple Bears on Tank

    Great pictures! thanks for sharing.
  8. papa


    Bear for sure.
  9. papa

    Few bears from June

    You got yourself a bear hot spot. Great pictures thanks.
  10. papa

    How to dispatch trapped animal?

    I ran a trap line for years and caught my share of coyote & cat. used a axe handle to pop the coyotes on the bridge of the nose this knocks them out cold then stomp several times behind the shoulder and there done fast. As for cats 22 short in the ear.
  11. papa

    Blond beauty

    Love the color!
  12. papa

    A Trick of Fate

    That was great ! Thanks for sharing.
  13. papa

    Cam pics

    Nice pictures, I need to get some cams out in my elk unit.
  14. papa

    Its that time of year again part 2

    Nice pictures glad to see some growth on those bulls.
  15. papa

    Baby Pictures

    That's cool I have a lot of pictures of adult bears but never cubs.
  16. papa

    Trail Cam Bear

    Nice Bear!
  17. Awesome story along with a great buck. Congrats to your daughter.
  18. papa

    Just a few

    Nice pictures!
  19. papa

    Oct. whitetail

    Darn nice buck thanks for sharing.
  20. papa

    Spring Bear

    You got your self a nice bear! Congrats.
  21. papa

    My Mother's Day

    Great story I will have to try a spring turkey hunt one of these days.
  22. I went through there today on my way to globe noticed there was water flowing more than I expected.
  23. papa

    White faced Coues finished!!!

    That is to cool, Great job on the mount.
  24. papa

    Love is in the air!

    Nice picture