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    Cabin Rental in Alpine... Unit 1 and 27

    beaut. I want to live there!
  2. Critter

    Live Alberta Canada trip report

    Nice! My dad and i hunted bear in alberta about 4yrs ago and it was a blast. We brought home 4 bears and had a great time. We found a bunch of sheds also. Good luck on your hunt.
  3. Critter

    Wendy's Trend

    Amen to what eagle mt said... fast food should be a stepping stone to something better. If you're 30, 40, or 50yrs old and still working fast food, and unhappy with your work/wage...then you need to take a hard look at yourself. If you're happy with it then great.
  4. Critter

    19A Turkey Success

    Thanks all for the nice comments! azkiller.. i'll try to plan my next kid around javelina season ha..couldn't be more true. Pred calling season, shed hunting/turkey season, aug otc archery deer, sept-dec elk, basically every month is bad lol. February works though..
  5. Critter

    19A Turkey Success

    and of course a pic of my new future turkey hunter and my 3yr old
  6. Critter

    Goulds success

    That is awesome - Congrats on a great bird You doing a lifesize mount I assume?
  7. Critter

    Pretty sad

    That guy upland knows is me... but my tag was 1-4. If it makes ya feel any better about savin a bird i may not even get to hunt, baby girl due date right when the hunt starts...WTH! I'll figure something out to get out once or twice..hopefully. but yes...the rant is more about g&f screwing up than anything else. We dont know how many addit'l tags they gave out for a hunt that should only have 4 tags. Could be 10, could be 20...or more. Now the guys who legitimately drew the tag have to compete with more hunters than there should be, in a unit where everyone is hunting birds at the top of the mountain. Dont get me wrong, if i was one of the screw up tags id still gladly accept it, but the screw up shouldnt happen in the first place.
  8. Critter

    Wolf news hits close to home

    Fyi, couespursuit's above msg and link to sign the petition is great but watch out when you sign it uncheck the box that allows Peta to send you all their BS via mail and email. Obviously this particular website that hosts the petition is run by liberal idiots to attach this peta garbage on to a petition that goes against their moronic beliefs.
  9. I found this recipe online using beef/pork but I used Elk ground and it was awesome. must try it, especially if you're looking for something new to make with your game meat It's a little work but not that bad at all. My pics of final product posted at the end. It was excellent. Recipe Cheesy Swedish Meatball Bake You'll need... 1 pound ground beef (ELK) 1 pound ground pork (ELK) 2 tablespoons butter, melted 1/4 cup grated onion 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs 2 large eggs 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon allspice salt and pepper to taste Gravy: 6 tablespoons butter, 4 tablespoons all-purpose flour, 3 cups beef broth, 1/2 cup heavy cream and salt to taste 2 cups cooked egg noodles ½ cup Gruyere cheese, shredded Chives to garnish Let's get Cooking... 1.In a large bowl, combine ground meats, panko, eggs, melted butter, and seasonings. Roll mixture into balls. 2. In skillet on medium-high heat, cook meatballs in some olive oil, until browned on all sides. Transfer to a paper towel lined tray and set aside. 3. In the same skillet, melt butter and whisk in the flour, until lightly browned. Slowly pour in the beef broth, while whisking continuously. Keep whisking and cooking until slightly thickened. Stir in the heavy cream and season with salt and pepper. 4. Place meatballs in the gravy and simmer for about 3-4 minutes. 5.Cook egg noodles to al dente and drain. In a baking dish, mix together with meatballs and gravy. Sprinkle with desired amount of shredded Gruyere cheese. Bake at 375° F until slightly golden and bubbling. Garnish with chopped chives or parsley.
  10. Thats what i was wondering at the grocery store... but i found it easily in the cheese section. Its some fancy imported swiss cheese. You could use any cheese I'm sure.
  11. Thats nuts! Very cool find. I wonder what kind of creature they're from...
  12. Critter

    Spring results on portal!

    19a turkey for me...only 4 tags and close to home. Pretty pumped. And 17s multi unit archery javi.
  13. Critter

    Turned my antlers into Christmas Gifts

    Thats awesome...perfect for a fire mantel, shelf, or whatever. I do quite a bit of antler chandelier work myself and its fun stuff.
  14. Critter

    Opening Day Muley

    I must say - Excellent buck and no one deserves this more than jeff. The guy is constantly helping others on their hunts so its nice to see him kill his own giant. Well done.
  15. Critter

    ATTN TRAPPERS: Wood Stretchers for Sale

    Still available
  16. Trapping season is coming up. Wood Stretchers for sale - I have: one - 9" Large coyote/cat one - 8" Med coyote/cat two - 7" Large fox Three - 6.5" Small fox one - 6" Small fox Four - 7.5" Small/Med Coyote/cat All are precisely cut to NAFA (north American fur auction) specs. Pine wood, sanded 12 stretchers total. I'm not really sure what they are worth but a quick search found that you can buy them online for about $10/piece + freight. I will sell for $7 per stretcher or $70 for all 12. Make an offer. I'm in Prescott valley.... wont ship as would cost to much. Must pick up local. Also I have a cluster of 4 mercer cages I'm thinking about selling (Only used for 2 weeks total last year due to limited time to trap) Thanks for looking Nate
  17. Critter

    Looking for a Pal

    Welcome to the site. I got skunked on tags this year but typically archery and rifle hunt elk and mulie and i love predator calling, shed hunting, turkey hunting etc. Live in presc valley
  18. Critter

    September bull hunt, big 7x4

    Awesome bull - congrats josh!
  19. Critter

    Roy's First Coyote

    Not to mention....he got a nice bobcat few wks ago also. Guys on fire.
  20. Critter

    Roy's First Coyote

    Sweeet! Nice shot Roy.
  21. Critter

    Two Pine end tables or nightstands

    Im interested but im in prescott valley... not sure when im coming down next. Ill monitor this thread and if not sold ill takm next time i head your way.
  22. Critter

    Hit a good bull in 7 west coulndt find him

    I was in 7w all weekend...bulls are goin nuts. I was camped right in the middle of about 6 different bulls that would not shut up. Called in and killed a fox. bear, antelope, and i think fall turkey is open up there right now. Sure had fun up there.
  23. Critter

    Hit a good bull in 7 west coulndt find him

    My father in law and I are going up this weekend to camp in 7w, no tags, just hanging out and look for some sheds.. frid and sat night. Your choice but if you want to Pm a general location maybe we could help look. Not sure where we are going to camp yet.