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    First archery bull

    That's awesome - I too love the freaks. I think I shot his cousin last year it had a reverse drop tine club, just a weirdo. On yours... just a side note but if you're doing a euro mount you might want to consider beetles instead of boiling the skull due to the fronts being too close to the skull. No way to keep them out of the water and the water/steam will damage the antlers.. creates large deep cracks in the antler after being on a boil or simmer for hours. I know because my euro was boiled and the reverse drop club it damaged but I was able to repair it and it turned out nice.
  2. Critter

    What do do with my elk head in camp

    I've boiled more javelina and deer skulls on my kitchen stove that I can remeber. My wife only comment has ever been"smells like boiled ribs" cause she's the best wife You're so full of crap Lol I boiled a cow skull in the backyard in a garbage can for practice few years back and nearly got kicked out of the house because I stunk so bad and kept bringing the smell inside. Had to have freaked out the neighbors also considering the wind was blowing the smell directly into their back patio.
  3. Eventually they'll ban hunting altogether in CA - Land of liberal idiots. You couldn't pay me to move there. Beautiful country but stupid ignorant ARAs all over the place. I think a lot of hunters have said screw it... why send money to CA to defend trapping when the ban is inevitable anyway. Instead pool our resources and focus on protecting hunting/trapping in AZ and surrounding states. CA is so far out there they are a lost cause. It's a shame. Sounds like mercer put up a good fight thought. I wonder if he is going to move out of CA now.
  4. Critter

    (Non hunting but please read)1941 John Deere B

    Sorry to hear that also. Do you have a pic?
  5. Critter

    Rustic Cooler Box

    Very nice..i may be interested in one of those.
  6. Critter

    antler chandelier

    Too big?
  7. Critter

    2014 Auction Tag Buck Video!!!

    Good work epperson & hunter! What a great buck.
  8. Sweet! I drove down to fain lake a few times after your original post but never did see your dog. So glad you found'm!
  9. Critter

    sheds :)

    Very nice - love that palmated shed
  10. Critter

    Honoring my father

    NyAzHunter sounds like you had a pretty awesome father. He taught you well. This is a difficult father's day for myself - My dad is on hospice care right now in his last days from glioblastoma brain cancer. He doesn't have long and my brother is down with us here in prescott from ND also. Pretty difficult times. But we'll cherish every moment we have with him. My dad taught us to hunt as well and has been such a great father to us. Nicest guy you'd ever meet and just sucks this happened to him at an early age of 61. That's life though. Dad's a strong believer in the Lord and he knows where he's going.
  11. Critter

    Ground Elk Recipes

    This is a good thread - I'm also looking for some additional ideas. Been doing elk burgers and spaghetti too much. Time for something different.
  12. Critter

    Good Guy Buyer List

    Now...if i could just make premier status and the good guy list life would be peachy:)
  13. Critter

    boston bomber gets the death penalty

    72 redneck virginians comin his way... and if i was the one who owned the boat his grimy azz climbed into id offer to be on the firing squad. I have zero tolerance for extremist muslim goat F'n terrorists...killm all
  14. I know there are a few guys on here that go back and forth to ND so just throw'n this out there.... I'm trying to get two poplar wood slabs up to my father in law in Fargo. They aren't real big... maybe 3ft by 2ft each (3 in. thick) but are fairly heavy so the cost of shipping is somewhat high. They would fit in back of an SUV for sure. He's in fargo but would meet anywhere off I94 I'm sure. I'm in prescott but could get them to you somehow. Will pay for the transport whatever is fair. Let me know if interested or anyone out there! Thanks - Nate
  15. Critter

    Two Trojans--slightly used

    Somethn about two deep trojan cycles... what are we even selling here..
  16. Big time thanks to Hoghntr and Wklman! It's amazing how this Cwt group comes together and helps others out. Hoghntr was in Prescott... met up with him he took my father in laws wood slabs to Tucson to Wade (wlkman) who was going to Wadena, MN - Father in law met Wade in Wadena - Piece of cake and beats the heck out of shipping them. Thanks again guys! If you ever need a favor up in Northern Az let me know!
  17. Critter

    Used atv advice

    Im not too serious about it yet..could be a few months but will let ya know.
  18. Critter

    Used atv advice

    Good post - wish I could help but also seeking same advice you are... may be interested in next few months.
  19. Ok... sent you both PM's - I'll check with my father in law to see if this would all work out or if he wants to ship them. I'm sure he'll factor in his drive time/gas to Wadena, mn also and see if it is cost effective to ship or just pay you guys to do it. Thanks! will let you know
  20. Wklman... heck. That's only 1.5hrs from fargo where my father in law is at. My guess is he'd drive to you to pick it up if you were available on a weekend. And he'd pay ya something also. Would you be coming up I17 in AZ though? Or different hwy... That may make a difference as I'm in Prescott and would probably meet you off cordes junction exit. I'll PM you..
  21. Critter

    snow bobcat

    That's a cool pic.. Whenever I see pics or hear of cats killed up in the pines I always wonder where they are living as it just doesn't strike me as catty country. I never call for cats up in the pines or higher elevation either but maybe I should. Regardless... awesome Tcam shot.
  22. How do you know he actually drew the tag..? Maybe he's just screwin with you by telling you he'll be out there as well. Any proof he has the tag?
  23. Thanks non-typical! Ill keep that in mind. May just ship it.
  24. Critter

    Got Him On The Wall

    Nicely done!