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    Coues in Prescott?

    Mattys thinking of the woodchute wilderness off the north end of the Mingus range. There are coues there and up on top of mingus and to the south of mingus. Mostly mulies but I've seen coues in 19A few times and spend a lot of time in there. I've never seen a coues in 17a or b but have heard of some being spotted in 17a. I've never seen any in 20a but I'm sure there's a few. And of course unit 8 holds them a little further to the north.
  2. Critter

    Unit 10 Late Rifle Palmated Bull

    Crazy bull! Way to go man.
  3. Critter

    Late 8 Five by Freak Bull

    I like to keep the story somewhat short. Hunted hard since opening day Friday putting on miles hiking and glassing with not much luck. Finally Sunday located a bull in a canyon early on but gave the slip and disappeared quickly. We decided to sit that canyon all day hoping he was just bedded up on the hill in the thick brush oak, however my buddy Jason and I were not sure if he bedded or left the area all together. We were glassing at 600 yards just waiting for him to show himself. The wind was howling good so I decided to cut the distance in half to get to the next little ridge where we'd be at 250yrds if he did pop up. We watched some cows feed into the canyon and bed up, feed more, on and off. Finally 4pm rolled around and we decided before sundown we should go look for him at the mouth of the canyon so we hiked up top and stared down off cliffs looking into the oak thickets to see if he was bedded. (We assumed he wasn't on that hillside considering he should've at least stood up to stretch, etc.. but nothing) Couldn't find him so we decided lets just get up on this high rocky bluff where we can see everything. We could see if he came through the canyon, over the ridge, etc.. so either way we had him pinned. Finally at sundown while watching the cows the bull comes over the ridge (Sure enough he had laid up in the cedar flat tops all day). We let him get down onto the hillside a bit before finally letting him have it. he was at just over 300 yrds but the wind was nuts. I hit him on the first shot but then fired off several more just to be safe. I hit him 3 times or so and also missed a few times. We did not want to have to track a bull in the dark. He piled up good and we knew he was down. After a quick high five, I hurried to locate him before we lost more light and found him right away. Huge props to my buddy Jason for all the help. He called his family and they were all literally there to help us quarter and pack out within an hour and half. We had that elk packed out in 1 trip with 5 people. Heck I think I was home by 9pm. This was my first bull and 2nd elk (hunted ND all my life) so never had much opportunity to hunt elk. My dad had the same tag but was Dx with late stage brain cancer only few months ago so he couldn't be with me on this hunt. So this elk was for him and we'll be sharing the meat. I cherish all the good hunts we did have together and maybe we'll have a few more we'll see how it all turns out. He was excited when I told him I had success. This bull is a 5 by freak - Not a huge bull but I'm so excited about being blessed with the chance to harvest him. Plus I have a thing about non-typs so I'm really happy with him. He'll make a good Euro mount. Thanks for reading! Nate
  4. Critter

    Lifetime of waiting!!!

    Saaweeet! I hope I draw that tag one day and can do that at that age
  5. Critter

    The ladies got it done

    Wow - that is awesome. Very nice bulls. Good deal!
  6. Critter

    Late 8 Five by Freak Bull

    Thanks - But just to be truthful the pic of that canyon is not where I killed my bull. It was just a scenic pic I thought I'd add - we did glass it up a bit but I think if I killed a bull down in there I'd have to just eat it there.. lol. We were in a mini-canyon where I got my elk.
  7. I guess it's time to change my cwt.com theme home screen - Click Lower left corner of your screen. White Christmas it is. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Second cat of the year

    hah. I missed the post where hyper directly called him a liar but maybe he did - I don't have time to go back and read it all. I agree with you though that posts on these forums are often not perceived correctly. Only reason I commented was because of the personal attack. My bull hunt starts in the morning unit8 that's all I care about right now - Then back to trapping and pred calling once hunt is over
  9. Critter

    Second cat of the year

    Presmyk... ok then get it weighed by G&F I agree with you... anyone can zero out their scale to whatever they want and make a pic look like its a 30lb cat. Have it officially scored. Then it's not debatable. But for someone to give a guy heck and name call because he gave his opinion on the weight is questionable... on a hunting forum
  10. Critter

    Second cat of the year

    If you're going to call someone out at least have something to back it up other than "I know because I have caught lots of bobcats and because I have never heard of a bobcat that big in az" I'm all for guys calling guys out if they think they are lying if they have some concrete evidence to back it up. Like estimated measurements of antlers etc. But because he thinks the guy held the cat out with his arm too far and blah blah isn't enough to justify calling a guy a straight up liar. And why should that dude get a certified scale to prove to know it alls like hyper? He doesnt owe hyper any explanation. Incorrect... The burden of proof lies with the poster (If he wants to claim a 30lb cat)....not the repliers/commenters. I can post I killed a 430" bull elk and have a odd picture and I guarantee you I will have all sorts of comments from people that disagree that it is 430. What is the difference? If I am posting claiming a weight or score I should back it up, thus reducing the uncertainty about the animals score. It's unfair to tell a commenter he has to back it up... he's just giving his opinion on what he thinks.
  11. Critter

    Second cat of the year

    Trust me my feelings weren't hurt... Lol. I don't even know the guy. You and hyper should have serranos together and hug it out. (I honestly just didn't think the cat was 30lbs either but maybe it is... I don't know.. but if you are going to claim that back it up and get it weighed on a certified scale that's all... otherwise you're subject to justified scrutiny) Bottom line is that is an awesome cat he caught and congrats to the trapper! I can only wish to catch one that big this season.
  12. Critter

    Second cat of the year

    I don't really see him typically launching personal attacks on people though. Usually he's trying to give advice and stick to the facts. He's probably been trapping/hunting as long as you've been alive. Do you even hunt bro? LOL - Been hunting hard for 20 years straight.... Bro And what does that have to do with anything? = odd reply BC.... I didn't say him calling out a guy was "facts" I stated usually he comes on giving good advice and sticking to the facts. How you twisted that is beyond me. I don't know hyprwrx personally so this isn't my fight really... and I really don't give a crap about defending him but why do people get all butthurt when someone gives their opinion on whether a cat is 30lbs or not. I thought this was a hunting forum and folks could have a civil discussion about hunting without getting called names. But to come on and call a fellow poster a "douche" because he called out something he felt was falsely mis-represented is immature. If I had to count how many times BC777 has been told to shut his mouth vs. hyper on this forum... well Bc walks away with that one - Ha.
  13. Critter

    Second cat of the year

    I don't really see him typically launching personal attacks on people though. Usually he's trying to give advice and stick to the facts. He's probably been trapping/hunting as long as you've been alive.
  14. Critter

    Second cat of the year

    Nice - I'm trapping also and plan to skin my first raccoon also. Maybe my first few
  15. Critter

    Second cat of the year

    You skin coon standman?
  16. Critter

    cats and cages

    Nice cats. How many cages you runnin? this is my first year trapping and trying to get my first. Do you put up your own fur and sell? or keep it.
  17. Critter

    I would like to learn trapping

    Wish I could help but I'm up in Prescott valley and also brand new to trapping. This will be my first season also and I'm all ready to go... cage traps ready, tags, lures, danglers, everything is ready. I've watched many videos and done a ton of research in the last year and a half to prepare but can't really give any advice as I'm new. I just bought mercer lawing's Dvd and it is really good. I could borrow it to you if you wanted. I also have his other DVD on putting up fur but haven't watched it yet. The DVD I watched was very good. Anyway - Good luck. I know there are some trappers on here and some other forums. Hopefully someone can help you out, better yet take you out.
  18. Critter

    Beautiful Bear Roast

    Have you ever tried a bear steak skillet (Cut up chunks) and cooked in with red peppers, green peppers, onions, bacon, mushrooms all stewed up together? I bet that would be good. I do something like that with venison quite often and it is one of my favorite meals.
  19. Critter

    Beautiful Bear Roast

    That's awesome. how did you cook it?
  20. Critter

    10 g5 montecs

    I would offer $35.. but I'm in Prescott valley so no way to pick up. Would have to ship.
  21. That is some incredible footage! Great story also. Your boy will never forget that experience.