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  1. Price and proven prior history with the 5.7 that I had in my '04. I had a budget I needed to stay under and to get a brand new truck I had to stick with the 5.7. I loved that engine in my last truck so I had no problems with buying another. My last truck had a bunch of aftermarket add ons done to the engine so this new one isn't as peppy or fast but still has plenty of power to pull any of my trailers. JIM>

  2. I finally got my truck home but they installed the wrong wheels and the fender flares haven't been painted yet so she's gotta go back soon hopefully to get done right. So far this beast is awesome! I definitely need to look into the various mods to increase MPG, I don't know how accurate the computer is and I probably jacked it up by constantly hitting the "reset" function hoping it'll show me some better numbers! LOL! I didn't buy it for good gas mileage so I just try my best to ignore it!



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  3. AzBob, that is awesome!


    SirRoyal, they tried talking me into smaller tires so the tire pressure sensors would work, I told them I didn't care about the sensors as I tend to air down when on hunts anyway so it would be an issue either way. I didnt know anything about overriding, I'll look into it, hopefully there's a way to just disconnect it or turn it off?!

  4. Thanks, 14.5 is better than I thought! I was getting around 9-10 mpg with my last truck!


    I think you meant to say "+"45 offset on factory. The "-" offsets are pushing away from the truck. I went with the 18x9 with a -12mm offset but was wanting them to sit flush or just barely outside the outer edge of the fender flares. After looking at yours I'm guessing mine will definitely be sitting outside that edge more than i had expected. I like the wider stance but with a black truck and exposed rock throwin' tread it's a bad deal! Plus I'm having them install the factory fender flares which don't stick out and protect as well as Bushwackers would have. Oh well, it'll look cool but I may be having to spray Rhino Lining on the lower half of my truck! Ha!


    And YES, carwashes will be a weekly event i'm sure, at least until I get it scratched up enough that it doesn't matter! :P

  5. Casey, I didn't research the tires very much, I just know several folks who have gotten great mileage out of those Nittos. I almost went with the 20's but that's 2" less air cushion to ride on! I'm sure this 2500 is gonna ride a lot stiffer than my 1500, need all the air cushion I can get, probably should've went with smaller but they don't look as good! JIM>

  6. Sir Royal, you and I were almost twins! I had a white 5.7 found back east but the deal fell thru so jumped on a black one that was found closer. I even almost went with the same rims but couldn't decide so I closed my eyes and just picked one! Your truck looks awesome! Not that I'm too worried about it as I know it's not great, but what MPG are you getting? Thanks, JIM>

  7. Howdy all, it's too late to change my mind or change my add-on's but I currently have a 2015 Dodge Ram 2500 being built. I researched as much as I could stand it online and basically picked out the truck, lift, tires and wheels without ever seeing any of it in person and that's pretty scary! I still haven't even seen the stock truck! Fingers are crossed it all comes out OK, will find out next week!


    My current truck is an '04 Ram 1500 with the 5.7 Hemi, 6" lift w/37' kevlar MTR's. Aside from sinking it in a "puddle" in MX and having to buy a new engine, my current truck has been amazing and has never gotten stuck or broke down (even with damaged engine from the "puddle" incident it drove me home)!


    Because of my experience with my current truck I decided to stick with Dodge and the same engine, even got same color but not really by choice! I went with a Pro Comp 4" with 35" Terra Graps wrapped on 18x9" Fuel Kranks. Truck is gonna be crazy shiny but I'll have no problem scratching it up quick!



    Who else has a 4th generation Dodge? Post up pics or thoughts on how you like it, things to get, things to watch out for, etc! Thanks! JIM>







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  8. Figured this needed to be brought back up, getting burned out on all the CCard hype and want to see more great memories from you all!


    Whether you get a tag or not, still gonna be tons of stuff to do in the outdoors this year with friends and family!


    As I flip through my Photobucket library, seems like every page has great memories I've had over the years that I don't think about or remember often but it's neat to reflect back on them!


    Here's a photo of a day long ago when I took my then "girlfirend" on a day trip with the Mules, "Katie" and "Gracie". Little did she know that once we reached the top of the mountain and while enjoying the view I would get down on my knee and propose to her! She obviously said yes! Great memory for sure! JIM>





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  9. I will say tho, when I was younger I lost a bull that I had already stuck once because I "tried" to get a second arrow in him. Had I stayed put and not tried stalking that bull he likely would have died where he stopped but I pushed him and he stopped bleeding. He didn't go very far from where I pushed him but I couldn't track him up. We later found where he ended up and all that was left was my initial arrow and the boned out carcass. Sucked but at least somebody found him fresh enough and took him. Not sure if they shot him again or not but my arrow was a fatal hit.


    So, what I learned after that and my advice would be to always keep shooting if you have the ability to do so without just scaring the animal off. Each scenario will be different just use good judgement.

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  10. There's no reason NOT to take a follow up shot if presented. I was able to get a second arrow in my bull last year, albeit it wasn't great placement but it provided a second blood source for tracking and maybe slowed him down more than the first hit would have. 2 holes are always better than 1! JIM>

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  11. Sling lead 'till they're dead. I hate watching an animal die. Id rather keep hittin' em till they're done. I had to shoot an archery bull 4 times a few years ago. All the shots were in the boiler room. First one, perfect double lunger pass through. Killed him 3 hours and almost a mile later. Would not have got him if i didn't follow up. This is the reason i won't shoot a montec ever again


    Montec's suck! Just had to throw that out there ;)

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  12. Thanks all and awesome pics!


    Mattys281 that is so cool she goes backpack hunting with you! Good job with the puppy, I bet your willingness to leave early to help that little guy left a lasting impression on her!


    Great advice NatureBob! We had a close call on a health issue with my dad a long time ago and ever since I make it a priority to spend time with him, especially on the hunts!


    I'm fortunate to have a bunch of great experiences with my Pops, not sure what would be my favorite as they are all special, but here's one that stands out. Pops and I shot our biggest Coues bucks back to back on the same hunt years ago in the snow, it was an amazing time! Both bucks actually scored within 1/2" of each other too! JIM>






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  13. Howdy all, I'm starting this thread in hopes to see all your favorite outdoor trips you've shared with your family!


    I basically did life in reverse, I chased my dreams of hunting for a living and acted "retired" for a large part of my life but now I've settled down and started a family of my own. This has changed my priorities on a grand scale and although I will still guide a few hunts every year (bugling bulls of course :P) I'm now focused on spending time with my daughter!


    I've been very protective of her over the past year and haven't taken her out in the woods with me yet. I was too worried about her head bobbing around on dirt roads, what if she gets sick, etc. But she just turned 1 year old and is almost running now... just in time for shed hunting and fishing and I'm very excited to get out there with her!


    I'll soon have pics to post here with her and I shed hunting and fishing and can't wait! 'Till then, let's see your favorite times in the outdoors with family!



    Recent trip to the zoo on Ariel's 1st birthday...




    I'm hoping she was thinking... "You look tasty"!!!



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