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  1. Hello all I am selling my kiababs to fund some new Swarovski 15x. They are a few years old but in great shape. They include the soft case and tripod adapter stud installed $900. I also have a vx3 4.5x14 LR 30mm tube scope for sale. Scope is in good shape and has a duplex rectical. Scope includes butler creek scope caps $500. I also have two Badlands packs one super day pack and one 2200 both in max1 camo $100 each. I am located in farmington NM but my brother lives in San tan and will do face to face if that is easier. If there is something you like shoot me a pm with an offer worst I can do is say no. Any questions call or text me at 505-330-1009.
  2. coloradomuley

    swarovski binos and hogue stocks

    I have two pair of swarovski binos for sale one is a pair of 10x42 i have had for several years now they are clean and sharp still they have been used never abused. The next is a micro pair of 8x20 they are in excellent shape won them at a golf tournament and they have been used very little. Only reason for sale is I just bought new Leica Geovids. I also have two Hogue rifle stocks they are Rem 700 SA tactical take offs. PRICE LIST: Swarovski 10x42 $850.00 shipped Swarovski 8x20 $400.00 shipped Hogue stocks $60.00 shipped I am located in Farmington NM but have family in San Tan and Mesa if you would like to do a face to face. For more pics or questions call or text 505-330-8086.Attachments_2016224.zip
  3. coloradomuley

    Wanted cabinets

    For anyone looking for cabinets go check out stardust in Mesa Phoenix or Glendale they sell all kinds of cabinets that have been pulled off construction remodel jobs. You can buy sets or single cabinets for very reasonable prices and counter tops as we'll it would be worth a look
  4. coloradomuley

    Wyoming draw results to be posted June 19

    My Dad, Uncle, Cousin and I drew 63 type 2 gonna be fun.
  5. coloradomuley

    NM Results Up

    I drew 16B first rifle elk and a javalina gonna be a fun fall in the wilderness.
  6. coloradomuley

    WTB 10 mm auto brass

    i am wanting to buy some 10 mm auto brass. i would like to buy a 1000 or so pieces but am interested in all amounts someone might have thanks.
  7. coloradomuley

    help me out with score

    here are two bulls i have got on camera just wondering what some educated eyes might think they go. thanks for the help.
  8. coloradomuley

    Draw Results?

    Got emails for elk barbary sheep and javalina Should be a great season.
  9. I saw a friend of mine useing one of the leupold bow mounted rangefinders today. They looked like an awesome idea and am considering buying one. I was curios if any of you more experienced archers have used one before, pros or cons, or any other imput would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. coloradomuley

    Gosar Coues shed

    Wow that thing is awesome i couldnt part with one like that. Nice find.
  11. coloradomuley

    WTB Remington 700 floor plate

    I am looking to buy a Remington 700 short action floor plate to convert an adl I do not need magazine box or follower. If you have something you may want to part with shoot me a PM. Thanks.
  12. coloradomuley

    Barbary pics

    A little late i know just wanted to share. Killed this ram opening morning at 281 yards with the 300 RUM, nocked him to the ground and he got right back up and went about 30 yards and bedded. i had no shot so we watched for a minute and he expired shortly after. He is 26" and an awesome public land ram. Hope i draw again this year love hunting these things. The last pic is of an old wound looks like someone wounded him last year these guys are double tough and can really take some lead.
  13. coloradomuley

    Got my lion home

    We called him in with a kid goat distress on the foxpro. We had been sitting for between 30 and 45 minutes when he showed up.
  14. coloradomuley

    Got my lion home

    This lion has been a ordeal to finally get done, two taxiderists later he finally is on the wall. Not a huge cat but not bad for my first lion, we called him into about 150 yards it was pretty intense. Hope you enjoy the pics.
  15. coloradomuley

    plains game bullet selection

    I am heading to the dark continent for the first time and was wondering what bullets have preformed well in the past. I am shooting my 300 RUM, I usually shoot 180 gr barnes tsx bullets at about 3200. The largest animals I will be hunting include kudu and gemsbok all the way down to impala and springbok. I think this load should do the trick but was curious what others have found in thier travels. Any imput will be appreciated. Thanks
  16. coloradomuley

    First 2012 pickup

    nice shed buddy Shooter and i need to get down there and try and dig up some more.
  17. coloradomuley

    Badlands Monster for sale

    I have a badlands monster fannie pack with shoulder straps for sale. Asking $80.00 shipped. In good condition, been on a few hunts but never abused. PM me if interested.