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    Vortex 12x50 Razors

    killer deal- gonna go fast. Love mine
  2. ready2hunt


    Pm sent
  3. ready2hunt

    12A West Youth Hunt - Who's going?

    For a first time? Yes to get drawn and go tag one to take the edge off.
  4. ready2hunt

    Archery Bear/What if...

    Because it's awesome. I have shot decent animals (nothing crazy big) but by far tagging a bear has been my favorite
  5. II am not a pro like some of these people but I have found that when the wind is right- anything is possible. With the right wind and taking it slow it is amazing how close you can get.
  6. ready2hunt

    Wtb/ISO video camera

    video cams are like optics...you will spend 100-400 on a decent cam and then soon realize that if you really want to do a serious video you need an 700-1000 camera plus learn an editing program. Call the guys at Cameralandny and they will point you in the right direction. they got a great selection and usually have good black friday deals.
  7. ready2hunt

    Lucky or Blessed?

    Congrats on the tag! I would say cursed. You've had a taste of the good tags.....soon you will fall into the same category with us shmucks that don't get drawn for years at a time you'll spend $$$$$$ on crappy CO hunts to get your fix. Yes I said it- suck it Colorado (or should i say smoke it!)
  8. As it was explained to me- the daylong hours and multiple bag limits were done to reduce the number of lions in several units but especially in the units they were releaseing antelope. (Which is why it was mostly the southern units) The plan was to have it only for a limited time to minimize the impact. If what I was told is correct- this is not a surprise at all but was already explained during the commenting period prior to releasing the regs the first year they offered daylong hours.
  9. ready2hunt

    Forest service shot at

    Anyone got a good link? The one posted isn't working
  10. ready2hunt

    Fossil hunting

    All along the rim road
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    Sold this afternoon thanks for the interest.
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  13. ready2hunt

    coues shed/regrowth cycles

    That bull you got on there is a beauty. I want to get a non-typical more than anything but there is just something about a big symmetrical bull that's majestic
  14. ready2hunt


    6k! Lost job and trying to make ends meet. Would appreciate it if you spread the word.....about the boat hahaha
  15. ready2hunt

    Lots of bears!!

    that thing is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  16. ready2hunt

    Public Range Frustration

    usery sucks
  17. ready2hunt

    Bullet Proof Elk study

    The deer in kiabab are good examples of this especially the bucks after they 2pts. The does and spike/2 pts are really curious but generally keep a small distance. On the other hand I saw the biggest buck of my life up there trying to cross the road and ran almost 1/2 mile to the tree line without stopping. I also think the elk start to get more shy as the temperature drops. Like they know colder temps means they'll be bothered
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    $100 for: Education Good lunch Shooting instructions Spend time with like minded people A chance to evaluate an outfitting operation People spend a lot more than that at the bar and still leave hungry
  19. ready2hunt

    Application question

    Yes you keep the loyalty point.
  20. ready2hunt

    mud flaps, where to buy

    Go on Ebay or Amazon. I prefer ebay...lots of options. Type in Universal Mud Flaps and they are MUCH cheaper than most places
  21. ready2hunt

    Big Montana Rattlesnake

    Just all kinds of NO right there
  22. ready2hunt

    2017 AZ Bear

    awesome job!!!! let us know what the skull tapes out at!
  23. ready2hunt

    6a input?

    Why more people don't put in for the early hunts is beyond me, especially in a unit like that. -it's nice weather -animals have been pushed hard due to all the elk hunters but not as bad yet in the southern part -the animals still have their summer patterns -it's nice weather -a few elk are still sounding off -it's nice weather -great area to do some fishing as well I would love a dec hunt but it's hard to justify waiting that long when I can hunt the same animals 2x as much. The last coues I shot was following a doe and ended up fighting another buck. Shot it while it was locking antlers. That was on The last week of october 2 years ago- my father was a witness. Crazy things can happen.
  24. ready2hunt

    My first . . .

    Awesome! Still have yet to get one myself. Although shooting a bag at 60 yards is totally unethical- how long did it take the bag to die?!
  25. ready2hunt

    11 foot Brown Bear....

    the head on that thing is just incredible. What an awesome animal. My bucket list a moose/brown bear hunt