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    A HUGE Thank you to WildWoody

    Wanted to take a minute to thank Dennis so much for helping me out in a pinch. Called him last minute on a master bath remodel electrical work.. He said no problem Ill be over Monday. Showed up when he said. Had some good conversation and got the job knocked out and absolutely perfect. Stand up guy and such a genuinely nice human. Thank you such much Dennis I cant tell you how much I appreciated it! Your awesome! Anyone up in High County give him a shout. Great work and great guy.
  2. Shedhunteraz

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Dennis read your pm i sent you
  3. Shedhunteraz

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Guys lets be a stand up hunting community and let this play out. He has a wife and a brand new baby. It will play out the way it will.
  4. Shedhunteraz

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Just talked to him ! Boys dont eat all you popcorn yet ! This might take a while but shoot is going to get real ! Unfortunately thats all I can tell you at this time ! Man i have been holding my tongue with your mouthing off and have deleted several replies because i dont want to get in this thing at all. But i think its time you just open your mouth with the truth about this ordeal. ALOT of us on here know about it and some of the details but its not our place to help or hinder his investigation. Be a man and just give these guys something to chew on or should i say look at.
  5. Shedhunteraz

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Your dads a poacher and a liar, your brother is a poacher, liar and thief . . . How far from the tree did you fall?Hopefully that sheep is cleaner than that poached muley. My dad is a poacher ? You have no idea who my father is . Let me tell you a few things about my dad ! My parents have been married for 42 years . My father is one of the most amazing men on this planet ! They broke the mold with him . I have heard my dad cuss one time in his life and he said dang (is that even a cuss word ) ? My father is very active in his church and has has some of the highest calling there are . He is a school board member , fire board member and a well respected member of the community. So to say he is a poacher and a lair couldnt be farther from the truth ! O yeah another thing my father taught me was not to shoot a 300 bull on a 3c hunt . Just answer one question . . . did your dad know where Blake shot that buck? Oh his brother does. Ask G&F
  6. Shedhunteraz

    Big Lake

    Father in law heads up for annually trip on June 3rd
  7. Shedhunteraz

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Nope going fishing with the wife and kid. Have a good day boys
  8. Shedhunteraz

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    they will, i feel like shedhunteraz or someone like that should break it. my mouth is kinda full of crow to speak Dude i knew about this for month and months. I am told old for the drama and if you are a christian and believe in god he always has a way of working things out. Enough said.
  9. Shedhunteraz

    Wildcat Fire

    That sucks. Where were you planning on going. Mostly everything is closed. We were going to go to Willow Springs. He likes it there and I was going to fish off the shore while he Kayaked. I might also get one this summer. On the way back we were coming up that last long hill about 7:00 and near the top there was a DPS vehicle blocking off the left lane with about 15 cones. Two women and a guy were standing next to a car on it's roof in the medium. It hit the guardrail and they looked ok but the younger woman was crying. That is a sharp S Turn on a downhill and they must have lost control coming out of the last turn and hit the guardrail and flipped it as the medium has a bit of a drop off. Lost of people take that turn close to 80mph. They are lucky to be alive, very lucky. It probably happened just a short time before we came up on them. A couple of miles after we past the turnoff for Four Peaks I saw an Ambulance and then a Fire Truck on there way, lights off. Are Willow springs and woods canyon open right now? yes
  10. Shedhunteraz

    Tonto National Forest Area Closures

    Tucson= wish they lived in Mexico
  11. Shedhunteraz

    Stage 3 fire restrictions

    isnt it not burning naturally the reason these so much fuel in the first place? Its hard to understand that the small town folks seem to think only they are responsible enough to use the forest. The rest of us are the tax base that pays the lions share of operations and maintenance cost right?If we start a fire here it burns our house down. It doesnt burn yours down. So naturally those that have more to lose than just the trees are going to be more careful. And were more inclined to want it closed so there isnt a fire no matter who starts it. Also last I checked when the forest closes we all are locked out of it so not like they are letting locals use it and out of towners can't. Exactly
  12. Shedhunteraz

    boat/PWC mechanic east valley

    Matt at Unlimited Marine. Cooper and Guad. Honest good mechanic
  13. Shedhunteraz

    The tinder fire

    Shocker. Feel for all working on this beast and those who have lost homes. Had a group of illegals who thought it was smart to have a camp fire in middle of the day down by haigler sat with 30 mph winds. Forest service solved that one
  14. Shedhunteraz

    F/S G7 BR2 Rangefinder

    Like title says for sale used BR2 gen 1. Serial reads Dec 2014. $ 900
  15. Shedhunteraz

    Nightforce G7 5.5-22x50

    Cliff you still have this? I thought you sold it 3 times over?
  16. Shedhunteraz

    Plantar fasciitis

    All these years on the mountain together and now this comes up. Gee thanks dave
  17. Shedhunteraz

    Jon Boat size for Rim Lakes

    Nice job. Dont forget those rim lakes only allow 10hp and under.
  18. Shedhunteraz

    WTS Polaris Sportsman 500 HO 4x4 Quad ** Sold **

    Bump for very solid quad
  19. Shedhunteraz

    Anyone selling any golf clubs?

    Call me dipstick
  20. Please stop saying well only one person came to the meeting. It helps when the meeting isnt announced hours before and then the meeting is actually moved forward an hour. If they are wanting transparency their two first meeting have been a secret and that doesn't look good starting off. I agree that we need a funding source. But we don't need auction tags to get there. Raffling off tags will get the money needed. If there is an auction tag take one of them from the already two per species we have. One can go to the habitat like it does already and one can go to this new fund. As soon as more auction tags are suggested noone is going to want that because that was the whole reason behind the tag grab last time. Now a lot of the same people that did it last time are a part of it again but saying it's different this time. Just hard to trust any of it at this time. Post up the next meeting that we actually have more than 3 hours to plan to get there and you'll get plenty of people to show up and ask tough questions. Your on Coues 500 times a day and cant take time to look at their websites for information? What am I missing? You can update your Facebook status and Instagram every minute of the day but cant do a little research into the conservation groups for a sport you so dearly love? Sounds a little narsasistic to me.
  21. Shedhunteraz

    New SFW Tag Grab Initiative

    Nothing like the main village idiot getting it. Dave needed to spell it out for you.
  22. Shedhunteraz

    New SFW Tag Grab Initiative

    No it would be the biggest lawsuit ever filed
  23. Shedhunteraz

    New SFW Tag Grab Initiative

    Jay you may need to write it in crayon so these idiots can understand what is actually at stake here. Its amazing every single wild life conservation group in the state is trying to stop HSUS yet no one in the hunting community wants to do anything to help out. Just sad. If we dont do something and help out then hunting will change as we know it in 3-5 years.
  24. Shedhunteraz

    Buying antlers mesa/Phoenix 4/10

    Experience tim?
  25. Gilbert and warner if you still need them