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  1. Well I have always wanted to hunt the Kaibab (bucket list) and this year I managed to pull an archery tag. I consider myself to be a pretty good all around hunter and if given the time and the money to drive back and forth I could figure the area out and locate some nice bucks, or the areas that hold some larger deer, but I have neither so any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. I am pretty knowledgeable on the whitetails around Tucson and could help someone out on a hunt around here, units 33, 34A, 35, 32, 36 A, B, C, Not looking for anyone’s honey hole, just some good recommendations on where to start.


  2. Jaybird,


    I would like to thank you for selling TJ this beautiful gun which I can't wait to retreive our birds from. I had TJ take a picture of me and our new gun. TJ says thank you and he enjoyed meeting you this morning. Wished I could have made the trip but he left me at home for some reason.





    Nice photo TJ, looks like Lexie is ready to go.

  3. Custom built ( by me) swinging elk bench with oil burning lanterns and redwood seat.

    You wont find another one like it. The seating area is 48 inches wide. $800.00 will consider trade for any of the following : rifle, new compound bow, Tires new, stainless steel fridge, or 2 roundtrip airline tickets to orlando Florida. Bench has not been used, I just finished it a couple of weeks ago.