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    AXT carbon carnivore

    Correct... it's all micro adjust!
  2. rstahl

    AXT carbon carnivore

    AXT archer extreme carbon carnivore 5 pin. These sights are pretty much brand new. Only mounted on my bow and shot very little never even been hunted with. Really like them but decided to go with a slider sight. $200 obo shipped (928)965-4131
  3. rstahl

    AXT carbon carnivore

    Weekend bump
  4. rstahl

    AXT carbon carnivore

    Price drop $160 shipped or $150 ftf.
  5. rstahl

    Badlands 2200 - Price drop

    Pm sent
  6. rstahl

    WTB Eberlestock Blue Widow

    S&S archery has a new one in their closeout section for $249.
  7. rstahl

    cabelas pack

    Cabelas Ultralight Extreme Hunter 4000 internal frame pack. Used but in very good condition, nothing wrong with it at all. $115 shipped Call or text (928)965-4131
  8. All the long day's scouting and hours behind the glass payed off! Finally the weekend before the Junior hunt my brother went back into a place we had scouted a couple weeks earlier and found a really good buck. Opening morning couldn't get here fast enough, not sure who was more excited me or my son. After a long week opening morning arrived and we hiked in to the spot we wanted to glass from. Glassed this buck and the two point he was with first thing but still wanted to find the bigger one. We never did find the bigger one but after about 3 1/2 hrs of glassing, 8 bucks (this one being the biggest) and countless doe I couldn't talk him into holding out any longer, he was more than ready to shoot his first buck. We saw where this buck bedded so the long stalk began. About an hour later we were on the hill above him looking in the thicket we last saw him. All the sudden my cousin said "there's a deer", it was them up feeding again. Seemed like forever trying to hurry and get set up and wait for a good shot. Finally 280 yds he walked into an opening and stood perfect, told my boy take a nice easy squeeze on the trigger when he was ready. As soon as the Western Precision Rifle 7wsm went off the deer piled he got him!! I will never forget that moment I was one excited and proud dad. Kayden couldn't wait to get down to his first, we gathered our stuff together and headed down the hill to see his trophy up close. It scored 91 3/8 and I couldn't happier for him. He definitely deserved it, he was with me for pretty much every long day and sat through hours of glassing scouting for his big first hunt! I Want to thank my brother (to bad he couldn't be there for the shot) and my cousin's Cleve and Garret couldn't have done it without you guys.
  9. Love seeing all the gun porn!! Regardless of what everybody is shooting I just want to tell everybody good luck and can't wait to see the pics after the bucks start hitting the dirt!
  10. Guess I better get in on this! 7mm WSM built by Western Precision Rifle out of Thatcher, AZ. For those of you who haven't heard of Western Precision Rifle you really should check them out. Brent Jacob (owner) is an outstanding guy and builds a rifle that is more accurate than you can imagine!
  11. rstahl

    10 year old son's first buck!

    Thanks everybody! This was definitely a hunt I will never forget so proud of Kayden!! And congrats to all the other youth hunters some nice bucks killed this year. Good luck to everybody with a hunt coming up, mine is next weekend hopefully I'll have another story to post!
  12. rstahl

    WTS Badlands 4500, WTT

    Thanks Vince and it was good to meet you.
  13. Well the youth deer hunt is just around the corner, I hope all you parents are just as excited as I am. My oldest boy turned 10 this year and got his first choice for the youth hunt (well my first choice for him haha). I'm more excited and pumped up for this hunt than I've been in a long time! Just want to say good luck to all the youth hunter's, there's nothing I like more than to see the young ones out hunting.
  14. rstahl

    Camping in Unit 29

    I've archery hunted that unit for years and rifle hunted it a couple different years. I have never seen any illegal's or had any problems camping. I have ran across sign from them (water jugs, food cans, etc.) But have never personally had or talked to anybody over there that has had problems.
  15. rstahl

    WTB 7wsm brass

    Looking for 7wsm brass let me know if anybody knows where to get some!
  16. rstahl

    WTB 7wsm brass

    Oh well thanks anyway I appreciate it.
  17. rstahl

    WTB 7wsm brass

    As many as I can get, sherman give me a call. (928)965-4131
  18. rstahl

    WTB 7wsm brass

  19. rstahl

    Spot and stock unit 32 antelope

    Have to say was a tough but very awesome hunt! Congrats to my brother he definitely deserved this goat. Put a ton of time and hard work into getting it done, Glad I could be a part of it!!!
  20. rstahl

    Anyone going through Glenwood NM for Tucson?

    Not sure how soon you need them but I'll be going through there labor day weekend and can pick them up. I'm in Safford but can get them to Benson for you the weekend after labor day??
  21. rstahl

    Leica Spotting Scope

    Pm sent
  22. rstahl

    FS Winchester Model 70 in 7MM WSM

    Pm sent
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    Please Delete Pics Not Loading

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