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    Sent you a PM
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    SPF: Ruger Mini 14 Ranch

    PM sent
  3. This is a Remington model 7 300 short action ultra mag with laminate stock. Scope not included but 30mm tally rings are. Have around 65 once fired brass and 11 unfired that go with it. Also have see through 1in rings and original rear sight. Gun is in excellent condition! Asking $750 you can call or text (928)965-4131
  4. rstahl

    Lost backpack in 3B

    I know its a long shot but my buddy lost his backpack yesterday in 3B, has lots of hunting equipment in it! If anybody finds one or here's of one found please call (928)965-4131 thanks.
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    WTB Leica rangefinder

    I'm looking for a leica rangemaster 1000, 1200 or 1600 not real picky on which one as long as the price is good. Call me at (928)965-4131
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    WTB Leica rangefinder

    lastchance67 I PM'd you........
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    WTB Leica rangefinder

  8. rstahl

    WTB Leica rangefinder

    Ya send me a pic and how old it is then we can figure a price. Its not the older square model is it cause I'm looking for the newer one?
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    WTB Leica rangefinder

    How much and can you send me a pic and the number above?
  10. rstahl

    Leica Rangemaster 1600 CRF

    Where u located?