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  1. rstahl

    2 Dogs SOLD

    I’ll take them both. Where are you located?
  2. Like the title says I might be dumb but I can’t figure out to post pics without them being sideways….. help a poor boy out!
  3. rstahl

    .556 62gr M855 green tip ammo

    I’ll take it all.
  4. rstahl

    Lowa Tibet

    These boots were hardly worn and in great shape, just didn’t fit like I hoped they would. Size 11.5… $225 OBO
  5. rstahl

    Lowa Tibet

    I’ll be in the Tucson and Phoenix area a little this next week and can bring these with me!
  6. rstahl


    I’ll be going from Benson through Phoenix on Monday if it will help you guys out…?
  7. rstahl

    Lowa Tibet

  8. rstahl

    28’ storage container 9.5’tall fs/ft. SOLD

    I’ll take the storage box. How soon do you need it out of there? Here’s my number Robert 928.965.5493
  9. I’m looking for a couple quads for my boys. Probably around the 250cc-300cc range… figured I would check here before heading to Craigslist or Facebook. Thanks!
  10. rstahl

    300 PRC brass/dies

    I’ll take it.
  11. rstahl

    Overhead Camper

    This is an older camper that is in amazing condition! Everything works and it is ready to go camping. Any questions or for more pics feel free to give me a call or shoot me a text. 928.965.5493 asking $2000
  12. rstahl

    Overhead Camper

    If someone an make my pics straight feel free to do so! Thanks!!
  13. rstahl

    6.5 cm ammo for sale

    I’ll take it, I’ll shoot you a text.
  14. rstahl

    Savage 111 long range hunter

    I’ll take it. I’ll pm you
  15. I’ll take it if you didn’t make a deal with average joe.
  16. Hey guys my oldest just graduated and he’s looking to get a “new to him” truck. Figured I would check on here hoping somebody has one they’re thinking about selling. Preferably a GMC or Chevy full size extended cab or crew cab 4x4 under $15,000…. Thanks!
  17. rstahl


    I’ll take it!
  18. rstahl

    WTB generator 3000 or bigger

    Check out the WEN 2000 inverter! I have one and absolutely love it probably one of the quietest generators I’ve ever heard. And you can parallel two of them together if needed.
  19. rstahl

    WTS AR15 Magazines

    I’ll take them I’ll pm with info.
  20. rstahl

    WTB mystery ranch pack

    Just a heads up if you don’t already know, but if you end up ordering a new one go through Gohunt and use promo code “Randy” and it will save you a few bucks!
  21. If you end up wanting to sell them I’ll buy them. Here’s my number 928.965.5493
  22. I have a used but in good condition Outdoorsmans pack for sale. Great pack and everything on it works as should. Comes with meat shelf and rain fly. Any questions or for more pics feel free to give me a call or shoot me a text. $350 928.965.5493