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    Cards going to be hit soon!

    http://azgfd.net/artman/publish/NewsMedia/Online-draw-applicants-should-make-sure-credit-card-information-is-up-to-date.shtml Just read this on their website! Get ready!
  2. bonecollector777

    AZGFD Rule Changes

    I'm with the guys that are saying no matter what we argue or do it's gonna pass. I think we can try and should argue with them about it but as some have said already: if they brought it up for comment they are going to pass it. They only let us comment on it to make us feel better and know they have to. Other than that they are gonna do what they want and we're not gonna do anything about it. And they know they have that power to do what they want so we're subject to whatever crazy, ridiculous laws and rules they want to pass. It has happened too much in the past to change now.
  3. bonecollector777

    credit card hits

    Got a pig tag but so far nothing for turkey!
  4. bonecollector777

    Cards going to be hit soon!

    Got a pig tag!
  5. bonecollector777

    credit card hits

    11 points for turkey Buffhunter? How in the world did you pull that off. I get drawn atleast every other year. Do you put in for Gould only or something or just have really bad luck? haha so far nothing for me! Hoping some more get hit tomorrow.
  6. I have a beautiful Kimber 84L classic select rifle for sale. I bought it about 4 months ago and now I'm back at college and realize the gun was a little too expensive for me and I shouldn't have bought it. I put one box of 20 shells through it and that's it. Stock is in perfect condition with an amazing walnut stock. Bought for $1300 and looking to sell for $995.00 just to get some quick money. PM for more information or text Blake at (928)240-3567. Scope, bases and rings not included
  7. bonecollector777

    Cards going to be hit soon!

    http://azgfd.net/artman/publish/NewsMedia/Online-draw-applicants-should-make-sure-credit-card-information-is-up-to-date.shtml Just read this on game and fish website! Get ready!
  8. bonecollector777

    Cards going to be hit soon!

    Not me Tj, but your welcome. Haha Haha I was a little confused myself. Didn't know someone else had a similar user name.
  9. bonecollector777

    3A/3C Update & Traffic Jam

    I live out in the middle of 3C about 3 miles from Black Canyon lake and had this tag also. Traffic was pretty crazy that first weekend by my house but slowed down after Sunday. While hunting I didn't see a whole lot of people but judging off how many gun shots I heard I'm not sure there are going to be any more deer left within 5 miles of my house. Haha it was like a war zone Friday and Saturday morning up there. Glad I got mine first light opening morning or might have been shot with all the shooting going on. Hopefully everyone was missing so there can be some deer for next year!
  10. bonecollector777

    Vortex Hs Vs. Zeiss Conquest

    I have a Vortex HS 4-16X44 and it is a nice scope but from what I have seen at high powers the image isn't very clear. I had read up a bunch on these scopes and people "claimed" that could see no difference between them but I can definitely tell my HS isn't even as clear as my old leupold VX-III scope. I have never looked at into a Zeiss but if the options and features of the Zeiss are the same as the HS I would go with the Zeiss.
  11. bonecollector777

    post up some pics

    Posted this one under the drop tine discussion but figured I would put it up here also. Got him opening morning
  12. bonecollector777

    Drop tine bucks.

    Got mine this morning! Opening day of the season. I had been watching this buck along with another smaller drop tine buck for about a month now. Saw him last night and he was in the same spot this morning bedded down in some thick junipers. I about stepped on him when he jumped out of the thicket and I shot him on the run at about a hundred yards. Drop tine was 8 1/2" Scored 165 3/8" gross
  13. bonecollector777

    Leupold VX-III 3.5-10X50

    I have a lightly used Leupold VX-III 3.5-10-50 that I bought brand new about 3 years ago and mounted on my 22-250 about a year ago. It has a small scratch where the rear scope ring was but once it is on a gun it will be covered. Other than that it is in perfect shape! Looking to sell for $400 OBO Text 928-240-3567 or PM with any questions
  14. bonecollector777

    FS New in the Box Vortex Viper HS 4-16x44

    Haha looks like you got rid of your other vortex you said you had this morning pretty quick lever! Glad I got the first one! Thanks again for meeting up and making the deal. Great guy to deal with for anyone wanting a reference in the future.
  15. bonecollector777

    WTB- Vortex Viper HS 4-16X44 with V-plex retical

    Haha thanks but I actually bought one from him this morning! He told me he had another one he wanted to get rid of and looks like he did pretty quick! Thanks for helping me out with that though.
  16. Looking to buy a Vortex Viper HS 4-16X44 with V-plex retical. No BDC reticals. Let me know if anyone has one they want to let go!
  17. bonecollector777

    Quail hunting

    Got 11 down at Tonto Basin today. My brother had 9. Could have easily limited if I could have hit the broad side of a barn! haha but was still fun. Only one spot we found had all the quail. Every other place we tried we didn't see any sign of them.
  18. TTT Price dropped to $995.00