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  1. bonecollector777

    Payson Realtors

    Little out of town but I think land in star valley is a little cheaper. But anything around payson is very expensive.
  2. bonecollector777

    What to do ,11 points ,Res.

    17 points got a resident a 13a tag and 18 got a 13b tag last year.
  3. bonecollector777

    What to do ,11 points ,Res.

    Theres not an early strip hunt other than 13a starts two weeks sooner than 13b. 13b takes more but both are always close to max points to be guaranteed. 2 residents have 21 and 4 have 20. 19 have 19. So yeah it's a lot
  4. bonecollector777

    How many non res elk points ?

    If there's anyone that tries the hardest to spread the word to the universe on what 3c has to offer it's your buddy Shane Koury. Jay Scott's podcasts certainly dont help anything because he spreads the word to such a large audience. But Shane has him beat on proclaiming to the world what 3c has.
  5. bonecollector777

    How many non res elk points ?

    Last year 36% of people with 15 drew unit 1. 14% of people with 16 drew 3c. I'm looking st the report from this year but it's not broken down by non resident. It appears in unit 1 everyone with 16 points that put it first choice drew it but only a small portion of guys with 15 drew it. So I'd say guaranteed draw for unit 1 was 16 points. In 3c noone with 16 drew a tag in the bonus pass and all did that had 17 with 3c as first choice. So I'd say 17 guaranteed for 3c archery. (Which is insane)
  6. bonecollector777


    These emails confuse me. With how spread out they are I feel like some poor intern down at the company doing the draw is typing them up one by one and sending them out. Still haven't gotten mine saying unsuccessful.
  7. bonecollector777

    When to buy Point Guard

    You'll be long dead before being anywhere close to 1 point behind max on sheep. Right now the people in the max pool and maybe 1 group behind them have a chance at max before we die. If you draw a sheep tag you're not giving it back so my advice on sheep is no point in buying it.
  8. bonecollector777

    Portal account bonus points

    Were they there before or did you just make your account and they weren't there?
  9. bonecollector777

    Buying antlers mesa/Phoenix 5/9

    I'll be in the valley again tomorrow if anyone has any antlers to sell. Call or text 928-240-3567
  10. bonecollector777

    Savage 6.5 Creedmoor

    Scratch that looked at the wrong model number. Which submodel of 12 is this one?
  11. bonecollector777

    Buying antlers mesa/Phoenix 5/9

    No I believe that was a guy from Utah. I'm paying $14 for the browns and $3.50 for the chalk.
  12. bonecollector777

    Buying antlers mesa/Phoenix 5/9

    I'll be in the valley again tomorrow if anyone has any antlers to sell. Call or text 928-240-3567
  13. bonecollector777


    But bro he wants a BOONER. Dont tell him he cant kill a BOONER when all he wants is a BOONER. Isnt unit 10 where all the BOONERS live? No way he doesnt kill a BOONER in the land of BOONERS.
  14. bonecollector777


    This is the only sure way to get your Booner.
  15. bonecollector777


    Mean width? They already include length.
  16. bonecollector777


    You said "Booner" too many times for me to take you seriously. Do you even know how big a "Booner" antelope is?
  17. bonecollector777

    G&F live comission meeting on NOW!!!

    Are there just 4 commissioners?
  18. bonecollector777

    The tinder fire

    No rain?
  19. bonecollector777

    What am I doing with a late archery tag?

    "What am I doing with a late archery 4b tag?". . Wasting your time. .
  20. bonecollector777

    The tinder fire

    Just a guess but they probably know what they're doing.
  21. bonecollector777

    The tinder fire

    Terrible for everyone that lives there. Had houses not burned down these fires are generally a good thing and tend to make good elk country great elk country. But obviously dont ever want to see houses burn down to make that happen.
  22. bonecollector777

    Dual mount back

    You could have said 95 and I would have believed you. Sweet buck.
  23. bonecollector777

    Dual mount back

    How big is that giant on the left?
  24. bonecollector777

    Kaibab - early vs. late hunt?

    100% for a resident
  25. bonecollector777

    YETI drops NRA

    A lot of people are siding with the NRA because of what that last picture that was posted said. It's one thing if they want to restructure their discount program but when you do that right around the same time other companies boycott the NRA and then tell the NRA that they need to remove all symbols and intellectual property that shows the yeti name from their add and sponsors it leads people to believe that yeti doesn't want people to see they have anything to do with the NRA. People should boycott them anyway for raping people on the price of their coolers.