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  1. PelaPapas

    Youth tag filled

    Congrats to your boy!
  2. PelaPapas


    Bump, price drop - $50.
  3. PelaPapas


    Bump - Price drop
  4. PelaPapas

    Topped last year. (Updated with Video)

    What a beast! Congrats!
  5. I have a Kuiu bino harness up for trade. Size large, vias camo pattern. Basically new, only used once in the field to try out. Its been sitting in the safe since then. Comes with Kuiu rain cover as well. Looking to try out the Marsupial harness. If you have a marsupial in the grey color and would like to trade, PM me. Thanks, - Vincent
  6. PelaPapas

    Good Guy Seller List

    elwood is a great guy to deal with. I've met with him a couple times for some transactions and all have been great.
  7. PelaPapas

    Kids Sitka Gear Camo

    PM sent with question on bibs...
  8. PelaPapas

    Costco stretch pants

    Are these pants in store or online only?
  9. PelaPapas

    Heat's 7W Archery Bull Elk Hunt

    Very cool bull! Congrats on getting it done!
  10. PelaPapas

    Unit 9 Bull down

    Awesome bull man, congrats!
  11. PelaPapas

    Brother in laws first bull (video link added)

    Wow, great bull right there! Congrats to your BIL.
  12. PelaPapas

    My Mother

    Prayers sent.
  13. PelaPapas

    What do you guys think?

    Dang thats a bummer for sure. I hope your buddy ends up with giant bull in the end.
  14. PelaPapas

    First mule deer

    Great looking buck, congrats! Very cool that your girlfriend was there to help out!
  15. PelaPapas

    Riggers Belt

    Looking to get a new EDC belt and was leaning towards a riggers belt. Was wondering if any of you guys know any local AZ companies who make a good belt before I start searching online. Or any company you guys recommend... Any info is appreciated.
  16. PelaPapas

    Recent Success

    Wow, those bases on that coues look huge! Congrats.
  17. PelaPapas

    Good Luck Tomorrow

    Ah man if I had a tag I would not be able to sleep tonight! Best of luck to all heading out!
  18. PelaPapas

    Walking Beef

    Whoa! I think I've seen that guy around town. His face is all tattooed but not dressed like that!
  19. PelaPapas

    Walking Beef

    Now I'm curious about those walmart pics .
  20. PelaPapas


    Looking forward to heading out there sunday. I'll be there with my daughter.
  21. PelaPapas

    Sidearm while backpacking

    I use my OWB kydex holster on my Kuiu 5200 hip belt.
  22. PelaPapas

    First Archery OTC Desert Mule deer

    Congrats on a great buck man!
  23. PelaPapas

    Prayers needed for my son and family in Florida

    Glad to hear everything is ok. The wife and I have been keeping up on all these hurricanes and it sure is some scary stuff.
  24. PelaPapas

    Fun hunt in New mexico

    Whoa those are some great looking bulls! Congrats to the both of you!.