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  1. PelaPapas

    New tripod

    Wow what a collection of tripods cactusjack!
  2. PelaPapas

    she is starting her own little collection!

    They look awesome! Is that skull engraved?
  3. PelaPapas

    Best Day of Bass Fishing I've Ever Had

    Dang those are some toads!
  4. PelaPapas

    Found the one I'm looking for!

    Awesome! Hope you catch up to that guy. Looks like a great buck!
  5. PelaPapas

    *Update*Cold Springs flood

    Very sad for those who lost their lives.
  6. PelaPapas

    2017 Draw Results

    36B WT for me as usual!
  7. PelaPapas

    SPF, Thanks to everyone who showed intrest.

    Awesome looking rifle!
  8. PelaPapas

    Hunting/Fishing Items for Sale

    Does the Outdoorsman pistol grip come with the adapter plate?
  9. PelaPapas

    Fine BobCat

    I was thinking same thing. Face looks different to me...
  10. PelaPapas

    Early Scouting

    Nice pics some good looking goats in there! Can't wait to head up to that country up north. After softball is over I'm going to take the family out for a little weekend getaway. Much needed from this heat down here in Tucson.
  11. PelaPapas

    Lots of bears!!

    Beautiful color, congrats!
  12. PelaPapas

    Rifle Stock Painting

    Dang that came out nice! Great work!
  13. PelaPapas

    Cleaning mbg slider?

    I've used a q-tip and some windex to clean mine. Does a pretty good job taking out the dirt in tiny areas.
  14. PelaPapas

    First archery harvest!

    First archery kill and its a bear?! Way to go man, big congrats!
  15. PelaPapas

    major pucker factor. vid w bad language 'beware'

    No way I would be in that water! I would be watching from the beach. Sharks and snakes are a no-go for me!
  16. Really like these. Would make a good truck gun .
  17. PelaPapas

    Rocky Point Fishing Pics

    Looks like a good time! Looking forward to goin back to RP soon!
  18. PelaPapas

    2005 Toyota Tacoma 4door LongBed 4x4

    Dang thats a sweet looking truck!
  19. PelaPapas

    Good Guy Seller List

    Please add member: kimberx2 to the list. Great guy to deal with.
  20. PelaPapas

    Wall Tent Package for sale

    That's a deal for sure! Best of luck with the sale.
  21. PelaPapas

    17 year wait = tag of a lifetime

    Thats awesome man! Congrats to you guys!
  22. PelaPapas

    Mexico Goulds

    Nice! Congrats to you guys!
  23. PelaPapas

    Big Brown TRUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!

    Wow that's impressive!
  24. PelaPapas

    First trip with the new tent

    I love my kodiak tent! Best money I've spent.
  25. PelaPapas

    First trip with the new tent

    That sounds like a good idea! I might have to sneak off after the softball games on Saturday!