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    Whats the difference between the black and green versions of the 15s?
  2. PelaPapas

    Old Man Got His Goulds

    Congrats! Sounds like you guys had a good time out there!
  3. PelaPapas

    Anybody interested in trading????

    Bump! Still looking to trade my 5200 for a 3200 bag. Anybody???
  4. Kuiu bags? Looking to see if anybody would be interested in trading kuiu bags? I have a icon pro 5200 bag in verde that I'm considering to trade for a icon pro 3200 bag in verde? My bag is in pretty good condition. Slight burn mark can be seen in pics. Other than that's it's in good condition. Looking for same in the 3200. Let me know if you have anything to offer..... (This is cross posted)
  5. PelaPapas

    Outdoorsman Optic pack

    Looks like Max-1 Camo...
  6. PelaPapas

    Tikka T3 7mm Mag, Brass, Dies **Price Drop**

    Oh man, I'm so tempted to spend some of my saved up "swaro" money on this!
  7. PelaPapas

    Elk Barbacoa

    Wow that looks amazing! Looks like I'm going to have to take out some elk out the freezer soon!
  8. PelaPapas

    Outdoorsman Optic pack

    Awesome deal on that pack!
  9. PelaPapas

    Lost dog 5b/6a - $1000 reward~~~~~Found

    Best of luck getting him home!
  10. PelaPapas

    Saw my first White Wing this morning

    Can't wait! Last September was my first time hunting dove and it was a great time! I took out my kids and they all had fun picking up the birds and helping me clean them. Looking forward to this season!
  11. PelaPapas

    Optic set ups!?

    I myself carry 10x in my harness and 15x in my pack. I put the 15s on a tripod as soon as I get to my glassing spot. I used to carry a spotter but switched over to 15s because I can glass a lot longer without eye fatigue.
  12. PelaPapas

    Recommend a Bow Sight

    Another vote for Black Gold Ascent!
  13. PelaPapas

    Public Land Long Beard Down!!

    Dang thats the way to get it done! Congrats man!
  14. PelaPapas

    Please Delete

    Please remove topic...
  15. PelaPapas

    Good price for Kodiak 8 man Flexbow $499?

    Love my kodiak tent. I bought my 10x14 deluxe maybe about 2 years ago and I love it!
  16. PelaPapas

    Family cow elk.

    Wow! Best of luck to all of you! I hope you guys fill your tags and freezers!
  17. PelaPapas

    Brian Terry murder suspect arrested

    Glad to hear they caught the guy. RIP Brian Terry.
  18. PelaPapas


    I remember my grandfathers hunting buddy Jimbo would cook all his javelinas this way. So good!
  19. PelaPapas

    What is this? Marker for buried treasure?

    Thats awesome man!
  20. PelaPapas

    Youth Camo

    Walmart usually has a pretty good selection of camp for kids/youth. That's wear I usually get the camo for my 8yr old daughter. They grow so quick that I don't want to drop some big $$$ on big name brand stuff right now. WM usually has some pretty good sales and clearance. I pick up camp shirts when they drop to like $3, hoodies for $5 and sometimes pants for under $5 as well.
  21. PelaPapas


    Oh man if only you were in Tucson!
  22. PelaPapas

    Literally Shed Hunting

    No kidding! I wouldve hated to be that guy to take that shot and miss!
  23. PelaPapas

    Exterminators - ticky this season

    Do you only work in the valley? Do you do work in Tucson at all?
  24. PelaPapas

    14yr old Daughter makes NT B&C

    .... Amazing! Congrats to your daughter on her B&C trophy!
  25. PelaPapas

    Buck Officially Scored 200 0/8" gross 197 4/8" net

    Thats awesome man! Congrats!