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  1. Hey thanks to everyone for all the help and pointers. I'm going to save up a little more than the $150 budget and buy better quality bino's. One more question...When I go in and try out binoculars in store, what do I look for. To tell you the truth when I'm looking through them in store they all look the same to me (other than magnification). I always just look around and look at the farthest part of the store. Would it be good to go with a adjustable zoom pair of bino's or just stick with some fixed 10x42?
  2. Any decent pair of bino's I could get for under $150?
  3. What would be better 10x42, 10x50?
  4. PelaPapas

    Cardiac Cats

    GO CATS!
  5. PelaPapas

    Dec Tag Filled

    Great buck, congrats! Love the hat, GO CATS!
  6. PelaPapas

    Feral hogs in Arizona

    Do you need a tag to hunt feral pigs here in AZ? Lets say I'm out predator hunting and one pops up. is it legal to just kill the pig, or is tag needed?
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    Boxing-Marquez vs Paquiao IV

    Pac-man is still my fav fighter. That was a great fight!
  8. PelaPapas

    Two Youth Javelina

    Congrats to both of your sons! I hope i have the same luck this feb!
  9. PelaPapas

    spring results

    Nice thank you for the help!
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    WTT: Kel-Tec PF9

    I have a kel tec pf9 for trade. It's factory cerakote in coyote tan. Will come with factory kel tec case, trigger lock, IWB holster and 1 mag. Looks great and functions great! I'm looking to trade for a gsg 5 or gsg 522. I'm open to both pistol and rifle models. If you have one for trade send me info/pics and I'll do the same.
  11. PelaPapas

    spring results

    Whats the hunt number?...I have the book here. Hunt number 5032, I dont have my book.
  12. PelaPapas

    spring results

    I called AZGFD and said I was successful for the Spring Hunt, but only gave me the hunt number, no unit. How do i find out what unit I got drawn for?
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    Pig Logic

    That is a great pic TAM and reminds me of when my son was younger. I always gave him a pack to wear so he could "help out" and carry stuff like food, water first aid etc. When he was about 11 I got him his first knife to carry whic was a big deal for him. I have found that after taking a few pigs and have my trophies I now just bone them out on the spot. I take the meat and put it in a 5 gallon bucket with two cups of salt and a bag or two of ice, add water. I leave it in there over night and change it in the morning, then soak it again all day. It pulls out all of the blood and 99% of the smell. I have been very fortunate to take them with rifle, pistol and bow over the last 25 years and am looking forward to hunting 16A after picking up a leftover tag for the General Javi hunt. I will probably go up and scout this weekend and maybe next too as this is a new unit for me and work has kept me super busy the last six weeks going to and from Kingman and it is killing me watching that area at 60mph. LOL Hey PRDATR when you say you re-soak them in the morning, do you just add new ice/water or do you also add another 2 cups of salt too?
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    Question About Lion Tag?

    Thanks for the heads up!
  15. PelaPapas

    Question About Lion Tag?

    Sorry, forgot to mention that I was planning on buying the lion tag in February if I get drawn for pig.
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    My Wife's first buck

    Congrats on that nice buck!
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    Wow! Congrats to your daughter! great looking buck!
  18. PelaPapas

    Hunting with team young Gunz

    Congrats on your buck! I was out in 34a too, but no luck here, only seen doe all weekend. We still had a great time though!
  19. PelaPapas

    Had a big day last Thursday

  20. PelaPapas

    Is It Legal?

    My younger brother (15 yrs old) will be heading out with me on my October hunt. He has been hunting before and has always carried his rifle with him. He recently got a new pistol (.22lr) and wanted to carry the pistol instead of his rifle being that he didnt get a tag. Is it legal for him to carry sidearm? We always go out target shooting, so he never carried being that we used tables to hold all rifles/handguns. Now that we are heading out he wanted to know if he could carry it? I can't seem to find anything, would he have to be 18 to carry while hunting? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  21. PelaPapas

    Is It Legal?

    The reason I was debating on buying him a license is the fact that it will basically only be good for about a couple months from when I buy it for him! I buy it late October and it will expire on Dec.31, I dont really want to buy a license that might not be used again within those 2 months. Which I would rather wait until January to buy him a 2013 license and get my monies worth, thats the reason why. I didnt know about the apprentice license and called AZGFD today and i will be getting him one tomorrow. Its a free license thats valid to hunt for 2 days (no big game).
  22. How's it goin everyone? New member here from Tucson! I'm heading out to my first Whitetail hunt (On my own) in October and would like some advice/help on a couple things. I used to go out hunting with my Grandfather, Father, Uncles and cousins every season when i was younger up until I was about 14 or so. Since then I havent gone deer hunting and have been out of the "Loop". When I was younger I never hunted myself because it was my Uncle/Grandfather with the tag, So I was basically just tagging along for the expierience. Now I'm getting back into it. My questions are mainly about field dressing, packing out, skinning/cutting meat. being that I dont really remember how this party went when I was younger. So my questions are.... After kill, I tag, then start to field dress. Is it better to take to processor or just to skin and cut meat myself? If I do skin/cut meat (I have no expierience in meat cutting) how should I go about doing it? Any sites with certain cuts? If I skin/cut meat myslef can I keep head and antlers so I can keep and take home skull/antlers? What do I do with the bones and skin after I'm done skinning/cutting meat? Do I just leave it there? Sorry for such a long read, I just want to make sure I do everything correct being that I havent gone out for deer in a while now. Any input or help is greatly appreciated.
  23. PelaPapas

    Is It Legal?

    I'm going to check out more on that apprentice license. looks like a good idea.