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    Its could also be your equipment. If you have a bow that has a speed cam and it feels jumpy this might induce the rushed shot.

    Good point here. Have you recently put a loop on your string that you did not use before or done anything that might else that might slightly reduce how far you are drawing the bow? If you are holding a draw right on the edge of the point where the cam starts a rapid increase in draw weight it could cause your problem



    This whole bow is new but I would say it much more smoother than my last. My last bow was way jumpy (destroyer 350). Could it be the position of my peep? I had it put in once I got this bow but maybe its too low on my string? It feels like I have to lower my face a lot more in order to get the sight into my peep. Which Im having trouble even getting to that point without shooting an arrow...

  2. Im in need of some desperate help! Ive tried to overcome this problem but havent had any luck. Target panic has hit me like a freight train and cant seem to break it.


    It first started with me drive-by shooting from left to right. I would draw and be aimed at left of target and move to right, tying time my shot as I moved my pin/sight to the right. Which would leave me hitting left of the target most of the time. At the same time I would jump the trigger rushing the shot and not letting the pin float over my intended target.


    Its gotten worse now. Now I cant even get the whole sight rested inside my peep sight without me punching the trigger. My eye isnt even in the peep when I punch the trigger. Ive broken an arrow like this. I dont know how this happened. Ive always been a decent shot out to 75yds. Now shooting at 20yds and under I panic and cant even get a shot off without me panicing. My draw is smooth but other than that nothing is normal.


    I need to beat this! I love archery and dont want this problem to affect the love I have for it! Does anybody have any pointers or suggestions they can give me? Anybody here ever had target panic this bad?


    Any info/suggestions are greatly appreciated...

  3. I have a Bee Stinger pro hunter 10" stabilizer for trade. I believe the end weight on this one is 8oz. All black model. The weight has been painted in the past to cover up some scuffs. Looking to trade it for a thumb release. I will post pics of the stabilizer asap. If interested, shoot me a PM.


    - Vincent

  4. Check your jets!!!


    Sounds like a similar problem I had with my quad when I got it. Previous owner had everything serviced on the quad including a carb cleaning at a shop. It would fire up no problem, but as soon as you would shift it into gear and start to roll it would die. It would get gas in the carb bowl but as soon you push throttle it would die because of lack of fuel. I took it apart and found out the shop had two of the jets in the wrong location. I switched those two and it ran perfect. Never had a problem since then.


    How close were you? That pic is pretty clear.


    Like Trphyhntr mentioned above all the border towns sell camo clothing and backpacks at all the little shops. No more crossing in flannel shirts and jeans.

    75 yards when I took the pics and started asking who I was. 50 yards when I started videoing them with my phone. I may start bringing one of those repeating firearms with me.


    Wow they asked who you were? Maybe this group were "scouts" walking ahead of the group with the load? Usually when they see someone they beeline it the other way.