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    great weekend

    Very nice buck indeed! I love the width and nubs. Congrats on a beautiful archery trophy, and thanks for sharing!
  2. AZcoues_addict

    For you Carp Lovers

    Good God! Not too far off the world record, what a freak of nature! That thing is amazing.
  3. AZcoues_addict

    Robert Dunn's "Skeeter Bull"

    Congrats to the hunter on a trophy bull, and to the Mullins team on yet another outstanding hunt. You guys are unreal, thanks for sharing such a unique experience with all of us.
  4. AZcoues_addict


    Wow, an amazing animal. Congrats to your wife and her monster buck, what a trophy! Thanks for sharing.
  5. AZcoues_addict

    Coueskiller harvests a brute........

    Congrats on a stud of a buck! Thanks for sharing.
  6. They're checking results on the phone, and still going through the apps. I drew a leftover Kaibab archery tag!
  7. AZcoues_addict

    Leftover License Results

    My tag arrived in the mail yesterday, in case anyone was wondering when they're showing up.
  8. AZcoues_addict

    Guess How many posts in July

  9. AZcoues_addict

    2007-08 Big Game Super Raffle Elk

    Incredible bull, congrats to the Mullins Team once again. I don't know how I'd be able to pass up a bull like that, nerves of steel is definitely right on the money. Thanks for sharing the pics so quickly with us Jim, and to your brother for helping the super raffle tag winner take such a deserving bull for the tag.
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    Not drawn for anything again! OTC archery deer, bear, and turkey here I come!
  11. AZcoues_addict

    This is the stuff dreams are made of.......

    Unbelievable! Thanks for sharing yet another set of monster coues sheds, I think we all want a find like those one day. Oh, and the title sure does describe the pics!
  12. AZcoues_addict

    Who put in for the archery deer draw?

    I put in for one of them 2nd choice, but not Kaibab! Hoping I draw.
  13. You guys see this one for sale? buck
  14. AZcoues_addict


    I also wish they would make it mandatory to report harvest information, but the above quote is the primary reason why I still send mine in and will continue to do so. I want them to have the most accurate information they can.
  15. AZcoues_addict

    Bow tuneing

    Last time I checked, their best two guys who do most of the tuning are only working two days a week. I forgot their names, but both are excellent at tuning. Ask who is doing the work, and ask for their best tuner and it will shoot bullet holes when you get it back (unless you have wrist torque during release).
  16. AZcoues_addict

    Good Day at Pleasant

    Nice fish and great pics! We've gone out last year and this year a few times to Pleasant and loaded up on the stripers, its great. We've also done the overnight fish, with crappie lights and really killed the stripers and whites that way too. I was told they want you to keep all the stripers too, even the small ones since they are really going after the shad. Tony's definitely right about knowing how to read the fish finder. We used to do it every year at Powell as well, but now its more like every other year up that I find time to make it up there.
  17. AZcoues_addict


    I have the Harris 9-13" swivel model and use it almost exactly the same as CouesSniper. I've use it for years now and love it, highly recommended and very accurate.
  18. AZcoues_addict

    draw only deer hunts

    I think the draw was needed in most of these units to reduce hunting pressure and increase the quality of the hunt. But I think they also need to further increase the heard for quality in these units now that there is a draw. Many of us archers have just rolled over saying it was the best thing, but the next step now needs to be made, and this was why I didn't approve of it in the first place. No proper future planning, just simple-minded management with short-term goals. I don't think it will affect the age class of the deer much, since once the buck population goes up, they will just issue more rifle tags. The buck:doe ratio is managed to be one of the lowest in the country, and it was approved to decrease it further. If you have to sacrifice your bonus points and draw opporunity at these tags, then they need to manage the whole unit differently, not just the archery season. This applies primarily to the units south of the CO river. It doesn't make much sense to manage quality archery units, that are not managed as such for rifle. I'd personally like to see the buck:doe ratio increase, and to see the rifle tags decrease in some of these units. I'd hate to think that we are only limiting archery hunters, so that just as many deer can be harvested but with a rifle, without increasing the heard.
  19. AZcoues_addict

    Younghunter caught on tape!

    Almost fell out of my chair laughing!!!
  20. AZcoues_addict

    Rancher Kills 39 Antelope

    It says he can "kill or take" the animal, but obviously there should be some legal method or definition for killing or taking? Maybe there isn't or its hidden somewhere else? I assume you can't hunt deer in NM with a shotgun. If I'm right, and he can't legally hunt them with a shotgun, then he shouldn't be allowed to "take" them with one either. Just my .02
  21. AZcoues_addict

    Results are out

    I wondered the same thing. I drew back to back lope tags last year, was hoping for the three some this year, but just didn't happen. Congrats.
  22. AZcoues_addict

    Results are out

    Not drawn... Not drawn...
  23. AZcoues_addict

    Late 08 rifle javelina hunt pics!

    Congrats on a nice Stinky! Thanks for sharing
  24. AZcoues_addict

    UPS loses cabelas TAGS

    The bad thing is that these are most likely non-residents purchasing hunting licenses, so at almost $160 per application that might play a big part in the decision (if there is a decision). If it were up to me, I'd say Rules are Rules.
  25. AZcoues_addict

    salt and feed no more in 2009

    So, maybe "IF" this was to happen, they'd be better off omitting the Salt from baiting in general, it is everywhere. I know many places I hunt, salt is there almost year round from other hunters, and I'd have to personally move it to hunt there, then I'd probably get spotted moving the salt and get busted anyway. From looking at the general responses of this thread, it seems that Salt is one of the highest factors in the equation! Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, maybe not. I don't think so. Forums not only get the word out and get us talking with our peers, but get our thoughts and plans organized. For every person who talks about this on the forum, there are probably 3 reading who don't respond, and 5 more of our hunting acquaintances that we discuss this with outside of the forum. I think your influence on this forum is more than the influence at the meeting and this is why. I've been in a room full of sportsmen, every one of which was opposing moving tags from the early archery elk season into a late archery elk season; every one of which was opposing moving rifle coues tags from december to october; every one of which opposed moving archery deer tags to a draw. Our opinion seemingly made no difference at any of these meetings, and the attitude conveyed from the AZG&F at these meetings portrayed this. I assure you, they were not convincing toward any of the proposed changes, but they still acted like the proposals were a sure thing to happen. The problem now is, I feel that once we see the proposal, their minds are already made up and even though the discussion takes place, it makes little difference on the outcome. I fear many of us have this feeling as well. If they don't value our opinions at the meetings, then we can only resort to these types of forums to give our opinions to influence others to show up to these meetings and oppose these types of changes, or to express our opinions BEFORE we see it in writing. That is what this is about, the prevention, or getting the word out and all sides of the issue presented before the decision arises. When the meetings come up, many show up with little understanding, info, or with no organized plan of action or argument. This is a good place to voice our concerns and discuss it amonst ourselves, to plan and think things through. Then to get the support or join a group like the ADA to back our initiative. I respect your opinion Tony, you always have good factual information or relevant data to shed the light on these topics, but I feel that many of us oppose this hypothetical change in some form or another, depending on the specifics. I feel "IF" we feel this is an issue, it is good to discuss it here before the meetings, where it may be too late. Personally, I fee that we have enough laws, I don't think we need any new laws at this time. If baiting is generally stated as presented by Tony then I oppose it, although I don't totally disagree with all of its intent, I disagree with the complete package due to small inclusions; its too broad for me. Now that I've spilled the beans, that some low writer on this board (or however you said it) may influence more people than he thinks, don't go getting a big head.