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    Savage B Mag 17wsm for sale

    New price 450 for the rifle, the scope and 13 boxes of ammo.
  2. WallHanger

    Savage B Mag 17wsm for sale

    Still time to pick this up and be ready to go calling this weekend.
  3. WallHanger

    Savage B Mag 17wsm for sale

  4. WallHanger

    Savage B Mag 17wsm for sale

  5. WallHanger

    Savage B Mag 17wsm for sale

    This is a fun Sunday afternoon gun!
  6. WallHanger

    Savage B Mag 17wsm for sale

    This rifle is still sitting in the safe along with 650 rounds of ammo. 500.00 for the rifle with scope and 13 boxes of ammo.
  7. WallHanger

    SKB Hybrid Bow Case

  8. http://kwqc.com/ap/iowa-man-sentenced-to-prison-for-illegally-hunting-a-deer/?cid=facebook_KWQC_TV-6_News On another forum....Iowa, whitetail, $10000 fine and prison.
  9. WallHanger

    SKB Hybrid Bow Case

  10. WallHanger

    Target Panic Cure?

    yes it sucks. Can't say I beat it or that there is a cure but I think I'm gaining on it. Best advice I've gotten is let the shot happen don't force it. There is all kinds of info on it out there most say switch to a back tension which isn't for me. I stuck with my little goose and quit trying so hard. In January I was breaking arrows because I couldn't move my pin up to the target and just kept punching it. By mid summer I was breaking arrows because they couldn't fit in the same hole. But it still rears its ugly head once in a while and I won't stop shooting when that happens I go until the group is tight then hang it up until the next day.
  11. WallHanger

    New to 36c and to coues

    New unit new animal and you got it done with a nice buck for your son, good job!
  12. WallHanger


    Very nice!
  13. WallHanger

    End of the line meat processing

    Rim country processing. Noah has been cutting in the Payson area for a long time and does a great job.
  14. WallHanger

    It finally happened!!!

    "but you can't kill a giant if you shoot the first good buck" And my guess is you aren't getting any flack from your buddys now lol! Good job holding out, that is the right attitude to get an awesome archery buck congrats.
  15. WallHanger

    Son's First Archery Bull

    That's what it's about wrapped up in few words! Congrats dad and son!
  16. WallHanger

    Dream Buck

    Justin, I agree with your thread title, that is what dreams are made of! I love that left main beam. Congrats finding him and staying on him until he is on the ground you deserve it. I have a lot of respect for the guys that build a connection with a specific buck, finding sheds, getting pictures, and staying on his heels, then putting a tag on him, there is no bs with that. It's real and it ain't easy. Good job on a huge accomplishment! Good luck next year make it 8!
  17. WallHanger

    First archery bull

    That's awesome! Congrats. Did you notice any Injuries or abnormalities on the the left side of his body anywhere?
  18. WallHanger

    Yes on eye protection

    And don't put your hands where your eyes can't see! This is a good post for all! When something happens my first thoughts are was it my scope eye or trigger finger...? Crap happens fast and can change way of life in the blink of an eye.
  19. WallHanger

    Savage B Mag 17wsm for sale

    Payson. Pm replied.
  20. WallHanger

    Squeaky Polaris Ranger Bushing

    Thank you for the info I to have this issue on my 2013 crew. If it makes that squeak go away its worth 350!! thanks again I look forward to hearing the results after a couple outings.
  21. WallHanger

    Finally Got Some Browns!

    200 yards? Wow.
  22. WallHanger

    First Brown Set

    Motivation! That's awesome to find them next to eachother and brown! Now if you go home skunked a few times it wont matter because the memory of finding a beautiful brown set will push you to keep going! Good find thanks for sharing.