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    Luck of the Irish

    No one set predates easily the other set 4 feet away was way after the storm and after the elk had shed. The elks tracks were 6 inches deep in mud when he left them. The boot track was crisp in the dust. Just goes to show if your looking left and the shed is on the right your gonna miss it. +1 My 7 year spotted one on the edge of the road from the back seat I just looked out my side and she screamed "antler!" It was awesome my wife in front seat on same side was going to miss it to.
  2. WallHanger

    Such a shame what shed hunting as come to

    Thursday 7:30 am my wife and I are walking down a ridge to good feeding area and I could hear a 4stroke putting just below us and I ran down to the bottom to catch a look at him on a yellow dirt bike with a brown antler strapped on his back riding right through the meadow. I yelled but he wouldn't look at me i hope he pushes his luck and keeps going like that because for the second time in two weeks we had a sheriffs helicopter buzz us Today in the same area. I appricaite those guys out flying over country side on a Sunday morning. People will eventually get what they deserve.
  3. WallHanger

    first browns of the year

  4. WallHanger

    first browns of the year

    Nice finds! Can you post more pictures of the set?
  5. WallHanger

    ATLs from last trip out

    Four chalk elk. I rarely post anything but enjoy everyone else's posts so I figured I should contribute to the madness. The first two are taken from where I first spotted them. I am having trouble finding where to rotate the pictures!
  6. Very nice archery buck congrats!
  7. Sounds like fun. Way to stick with it and get it done. Congrats
  8. WallHanger

    My last couple trips

    Yeah its a blast to bring the little ones. My son just turned one and will be in the pack this year that my middle daughter used the last couple years. The oldest has a few years under her belt now and just got a new pair of boots for this year shes ready and knows its almost time here's a picture of her with her first set from a few years ago.
  9. WallHanger

    My last couple trips

    You've always got nice atls thanks for sharing. Its almost time! Ill add some from last weekend as I always read and enjoy pics like yours but don't contribute. And I never replied to your shed pic from new zealand but that was sweet. Good job.
  10. WallHanger

    Backpack knife sharpener

    Ive always carried this lansky. Its light weight and puts an edge on quick. This year I left it behind and used a havalon. Changed blades twice on an elk. Havalon with a couple blades is lighter in the pack but dosent seem as reliable as a small fixed blade and the sharpener.
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    Pm sent....
  12. Include a "know your limits" portion in hunter ed courses. Educate youth and new hunters just enough on long range shooting and ballistics so they can use better judgement when the opportunity comes. with all the long range hype and I'm better than the next guy attitude poeple with no knowledge of ballistics sending several shots 500 to "1000 yards" across a canyon at a buck or bull that doesn't drop right away isn't helping the herds. Most shouldn't shoot over 300 to much can go wrong. Imho more 1 shot kills.... no sence in carrying 25 bullets in your new top of the line back pack anyway.
  13. WallHanger

    Bow Tech Carbon Rose

    Pm sent.
  14. WallHanger

    Big Danner sale!

    Thanks. I got them ordered.
  15. WallHanger

    My 2014 antelope

    Outstanding! That is a nice archery buck and a great picture! Good job.
  16. WallHanger

    *Brand New* 300 Weatherby Vanguard S2

    Pm sent
  17. WallHanger

    How many animals have you harvested in Arizona

    Seldom how many animals have you harvested in Arizona?
  18. WallHanger

    buying left handed bow thanks guys

    Pm sent. Ive got a couple.
  19. WallHanger

    what to do once buck spots you?

    This is great advice. 2 times ive had lone does follow me and once 3 muledoes and a small buck. All three times I wasnt after deer and was sneeking with my nose in the wind. Every time this happened I would just keep walking softly by them trying not to spook them as I was turkey or elk hunting. When I came upon them the wind was right but it was like curiosity got them and when I got past and the wind was blowing right to them they wouldn't spook like they new I wasn't there for them. The mule deer was during the fall turkey this year and was so cool those deer followed me for about 150 yards and at one point the little buck got within 30 yards of me wind all wrong. It goes against all ive learner. You never stop learning these animals!
  20. WallHanger

    Hillbilly spotted eastbound 60

    Elk 88 nice bull in your avatar! Welcome to the site.
  21. Good bucks for sure...
  22. WallHanger

    Laser Rangefinder

    Sjvcon did you end up getting a new range finder? Which one and how has it performed For you?
  23. WallHanger

    Old Magazines

    PM sent
  24. WallHanger

    2006 Polaris Ranger

    Is the XP a 900 or 800?