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    For sale - S&W M&P AR-15 $1600

    The CWT regulator. LOL This is PRDATRs site don't ya know.
  2. Selling a gently (Wifes Truck) used 2010 Dodge RAM quad cab 5.7Hemi 4x4 with17,000 miles. This Truck is the Big Horn edition and blue books at 27,000. It is in great condition and has not had any problems. Our family is getting bigger and the truck is getting smaller. Has alot of features pm or call if interested. $25,500 Firm. Selling Champion double trap. 3/4 cock, with seat, multiple positions, and extra birds. $180.00 Call or text. 928nineseveneight2970 Thanks for looking.
  3. WallHanger

    For Sale Clay Pigeon Launcher, Dodge Ram

    Obviously I got hosed like the rest of us when I purchased my rifle and Ammo. All learn "Do Dilligence" is important and maybe even consult the numerous brilliant minds CWT has to offer before spending to much money on something. I have edited my post and Ill keep my rifle. Figure this will save everyones time that they spend argueing about something that doesnt matter that much. Thanks for all the feed back.
  4. WallHanger

    For Sale Clay Pigeon Launcher, Dodge Ram

    Wow. I recently picked up the ammo and rifle. Decided that I don't need the gun it was an impulse buy. 223 rounds are ar 1.10 a round now. The ruger 10 round magazine was 50 bucks and a bore snake. If you don't want to buy it than go read something else.
  5. WallHanger

    G5 Montec 100 grain broadheads

    Pm sent
  6. WallHanger

    WTB Bolt Action 223 rifle

    make sure you can get ammo before you buy. 223 is hard to find right now.
  7. WallHanger

    Tried Something New With Wifes Coues Skull

    Good idea! That's a nice buck he looks bigger than high 80s. Congrats to your wife.
  8. WallHanger

    35b? Monster Pics

    Those are whopper bucks. Way to go chip! While studying the pictures I noticed his right side looks like a shed I picked up a couple years ago. Could it be? My shed has 4 broken tines includeing the main beam. It also has a double eye guard. Very similar characteristics. I figure the shed to be dropped in 2009.
  9. WallHanger

    Ron's Big Dec Buck!

    Ron Wood must be a small man. "LOL" just kidding great buck looks like a lot of work up in all that snow. Good job.
  10. WallHanger

    Memorable Hunt

    Ive been waiting for this write up. You guys did a good job filling your tags. Clays work is awesome you wont be disappointed.Thanks for sharing.
  11. WallHanger

    WTB... Quad

    Gino I have this one in Payson its an 06, 2800.00. my number is 928 978 2970 pls leave a msg....
  12. I see other people write "bump" and "ttt" things in they're adds. What does that meen?