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I scored some hard to find  250 round cases shotgun target loads and am selling what I can't use at my buying price. must be picked up in Queen Creek, can not ship.

20 g Nobel 2 cases of 8 shot and 2 cases of 7.5  ( 1210 velocity on all 4 cases) priced at 150 $ each

12 g Fiocchi 1 case 8 shot, one case 7 1/2 shot  Nobel 2 cases 8 shot and 2 cases 7 1/2 shot ( 1275 velocity on Nobel) 125$

 a case is 10 boxes of 25 shells or 25o total per case: 

I got no bulk discount paid full tarif so no bulk discount..  SEND PM  DONT  REPLY TO POST..  and  which and how many be very explicit  brand name and shot size please..i will use the message time stamp for first choice.  I will up date each evening after work.. I can not check email during the work day so please be patient.  

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