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Foxpro & Johnny Stewart for sale

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Foxpro 416B with the TX5LR remote. Works great and is in excellent condition. Sounds are:


Coyote Locater

Interrog Howl

Male Challenge

Coy. Female Inv.

Coyote pup Dist. #2

Red Fox Pup

Bobcat in Heat

Jackrabbit Dist

Rabbit Dist #1

Rodent Distress

Fawn Bawl

Prairie Dog Dist.

Starling Dist.

Crow Fight

P-Dog Whistle


The Johnny Stewart has a large cone speaker, is brand new, never used. It is a tape player, and comes with the tapes listed below. Model is 612 Deluxe Professional Caller.


Crow Reveille

Coyote Locater

Baby Javelina Distress

Baby Cottontail Distress


I would like to sell them both for 225.00 OBO.




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