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Colt Police Positive Mk V SOLD

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This is a Colt Police Positve Mk V. These were only made during 1994 & 1995. It is a .38 Special, 4" full lugged barrel with the famous deep blue bluing Colt is famous for.

I bought it new during that time and it's only had 35 cartridges fired through it, in all those years. Pretty much a safe queen. Not one +P cartridge was ever fired through this gun although it is rated for +P.  I can't call it new but, it's as close to new as you'll likely find in a reasonable amount of time.

It has the original box and instruction manual that came with it. It has a beautiful action second only to a Python. It comes with the original Colt rubber grips on it. It you want the wood Colt grips shown in the last 3 pictures,  add another 100.00

I'm asking 825.00 firm.

Colt Police Positive MK V.1.jpg

Colt Police Positive MK V.2.jpg

Colt Police Positive MK V.3.jpg




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Wow, multiple calls on the Colt!

I have another forum member wanting the Colt and the 3 Screw Single Six today.  If he doesn't come up with the funds today you have 2nd dibs on the Colt on Monday.

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