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gear for rifle Coues hunt

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Wow, some of you guys carry a lot of stuff. :D I have hurt myself humping too much stuff up and down a mountain. I'm not doing it again. I don't see how a guy can carry 80+lbs of gear up a mountain and then carry it all and a deer back down. :D Not as lean and mean as I used to be, I guess.


My pack is a Camelback Mule. I won't use a bigger one, because if I do, I'll carry too much crap. I know me. I won't be able to help myself. I carry a first aid kit, emergency overnight kit, some lightweight, high energy food, 3L of water, extra ammo, game bags, small dual band HAM radio, small GPS, compass, map sheet for the hunt area, 1pr extra socks, a knife, a diamond hone, and if the weather is looking lousy, extra heavier clothes. If I'm going super lightweight, I put a 642 and 5 extra rounds in my pocket. Otherwise, I put a .357 on my belt.


Yeah, that's under 20lbs. If it's not, I unpack it all and start eliminating things I really don't need until it makes weight.


I use an aluminum treking pole, too, but I don't count that or the pistol in the pack weight.


Then I have to add a rifle - Savage 11 .243, Bushnell Fullfield II. No sticks, no bipod. If I need a rest, I'll use the pack.

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Get those big plastic totes from Walmart or wherever, the kinds with the locking lid handles so they don't blow off in the back of your truck, mark each one with a sharpie...cooking gear, tent, sleeping bags, etc. then when it's time to go to camp, you just load the totes. Keeps your stuff organized, and dry if it rains or snows



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