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I always luv coming on to this site . It one of my high points of the day ........... I look foward to next year and i wont count the eye gards


Hope I didn't come off as criticizing you. I truly want to congratulate you on your fine first buck. You obviously worked hard to get it, and to get it out by yourself.


As a newcomer to Arizona whitetail hunting, you may be interested in knowing that it is rare for Coues white-tailed deer, unlike most of the other whitetail subspecies, to grow more than three fully developed antler tines and an eyeguard per side.


You can look at a lot of bucks before you'll see a true 4x4 (10 points eastern count). A 5x5 (12 points eastern count) buck is downright rare, except for a deer with non-typical antlers.


Another difference between "western" and "eastern" antler counting is that out here we usually don't count tines that aren't really developed. "Back east" (in my family, that's everywhere east of El Paso) hunters count every bump they can "hang a ring on."


Bill Quimby


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