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Our Second Archery Bull from the 2011 Season!

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Well now that we got these bulls and this crazy rut figured out Jeff and I tag teamed our second hunter, Rich. Rich, an accomplished archer and hunter had his sights set on one of our biggest bulls for the first part of the hunt. He had the same issues with the hunter pressure and although he had some close calls with the giant bull he decided it wasn't worth the hassle. Jeff and I took Rich over to our secret spot where we killed John's bull and again had the area and the bulls to ourselves. The first night there we had some close encounters with smaller bulls and had a game plan for the following day. The next day we came in the backdoor on an area that holds a big bull and immediately had a good bugle. We set off after him with Jeff and Rich going low and myself heading high. The country is broken up cedars with sage draws and not knowing the bull had cows we bumped into them. We heard the commotion and then noticed the bull heading up the draw alone. I bugled at him and he stopped and looked back. The bull didn't know what busted his cows but after I bugled he thought maybe another bull ran into them! This bull turned and started coming back to find out! Jeff and Rich noticed this and Rich took off to get between the bull and where his cows went.


I sneaked down towards Jeff and bugled again which got the bull bugling back at us which helped to keep tabs on his location. Once behind Jeff and Rich I started rattling the two antlers I carry to simulate two small bulls sparring. This was enough to assure the bull that there were other bulls there and he kept coming! In the process of rattling I had a small bull sneak in behind me and watch me at 30 yards throughout the whole event! I could see the big bull coming and knew any second he was going to get an arrow in the ribs! Rich had snuck up closer than we thought and as the bull passed through an opening at 30 yards Rich sent an arrow through the beast! We all watched as the bull blew out across the sage meadow and knew he was a dead bull runnin'! .RichBull4.jpgRichBull13.jpg


The tracking was easy with the recent rains and we had our bull! We had Rich's friends John and Scotty there with us and they got to experience it all with us! It was a tough rut this year but we adapted to it, got away from the pressure, made some changes to our calling tactics and produced a couple outstanding bulls within the first week of the archery hunt! Congrats to Rich on your biggest bull to date and thanks for letting us share in the experience! Mullins. .223399368645166582-135954511775597771?l=recenthuntsatmullins.blogspot.com


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