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Outdoorsman Optics Pack

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Hey guys,


So I bought this pack half way through the 2012 season, and have really loved it. Being totally honest, it has carried out dozens of animals in the last year and a half and so it is used (I actually just packed out my antelope with it last week- Story in the antelope section). post-11719-0-09162300-1409799917_thumb.jpg

I am moving up into a more serious type of hunting however and this pack has never fit me perfect because I am a really small guy. I am going into hardcore backpack hunting where weight is everything so I think I am going with the Kuiu Ultra pro 7200. I just wanted to get a feel on peoples thoughts and if I could get what I want out of the pack. As of today, I installed the Outdoorsmans latest belt as the belt I had was the previous models, so the belt is brand new. Everything else is in tip top shape. Absolutely no other complaints except for not fitting my little body and being a tad on the heavy side (Not a big deal for 90% of hunters. I think its 7 pounds as opposed to the Kuiu's 5 and change.)


I am asking $300 and will ship for $325. New, it is $400 before tax. I am in Flagstaff but will be heading to Payson in the next week to take my Antelope to Gary Iles to clean, and am in the valley quite often.




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