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4 Pure-bred German Shorthaired Pointer pups (9 weeks old)

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Pure-bred German Shorthair Pointer puppies for sale!! Very versatile hunting dogs. Both parents are excellent bird hunters and the mother is NAVHDA registered, neither have titles as we do not compete in field trials however, both have a lot of experience and miles hunting various wild birds. There are 4 puppies left from a litter of 8, 1 male 3 females. Puppies were born on 7/29/14 and the litter has been registered with AKC.


Sire: The dad is very accomplished hunting in the field. He has hunted various upland birds including pheasants, chukar, and quail (gambles, scaled, and mearns). Along with great pointing qualities, he is also an extraordinary waterfowl dog. He is extremely steady in the duck blind or goose field and has no problem retrieving in frozen sloughs or ponds. At the shoulders he stands 25 in. tall and weighs 65 lbs.


Dam: The mom is just as accomplished as the dad and comes from a long line of AKC MH. She has hunted quail (gambels), chuckar and pheasants in the field with grace. She is a very steady companion in the duck blind or goose field. She is not shy with cold water and can handle large snow geese with ease. She stands 22 in. at the shoulders and weighs 53lbs.



This litter is very healthy and shows a lot of promise. All pups are showing interest in wings and are carrying them around. They have been exposed to gun fire and none are showing signs of gun-shyness They have been introduced to water and have no problem getting in and splashing around on their own. All pups are taking well to crate training and sleeping on a pad. We are located in Kingman AZ.



Please feel free to Contact us with any Questions or additional photos.

Phone: 928-303-8807




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I know from experience, You won't find a better or more honest person to deal with. Good luck with selling the puppies. Wish I had room for one more at the house. They are all sharp looking.

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We now have two females left. We have started working them with live doves are steadying to point. They have been exposed to 12 ga. Shots at 30 yards and are showing no signs of gun-shyness.


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They are 12 weeks old now and they are still $600.00 dollars. This last Wednesday they had their third series of puppy shots and all pups are very healthy. We have been working with obedience with each pup individually for 5 to 10 minutes a day twice a day. The basic things we have worked on are here, sit, and a little walking on a leash. They have learned them very quickly and showing a lot of potential. They are for the most part crate trained. we feed them individually in the crate and the crate or the dog house is where they sleep at night. As far as house breaking they are doing very good. The few accidents we have had are right at the door or as the pup is walking to the door.

We have taken them out and slowly introduced them to gun fire. This last trip we shot a 12 ga. 30 yards from them and there is no sign of gun shyness.




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