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4A Rifle Bull Tag

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My father has a 4A rifle bull tag this coming weekend and I will have my hands full with this hunt as my father’s mobility is limited. This will probably be one of his last hunts, so I want to make it memorable for him. I’m thinking I might need some help if he gets one down far from a road and if anyone else will be up there and come into a situation needing help we are more than willing to help out however we can. We are staying in Payson and both would be more than happy to help anyone in the Payson or 4A unit. Please message me if you would like to exchange numbers, and please do not hesitate to ask for anything. Thank you and good luck to all heading out this weekend!


If you see this truck, you will know it's me.post-3214-0-10449600-1416883017_thumb.jpg

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