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Sonoran Surprise!

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Howdy all, here's some pics of an amazing critter that I found while hunting in Sonora, Mexico recently! I've only heard rumors about these Boa's existing in the same areas that we hunt Coues deer in and have only heard of two others that were found by other hunters. As I sat glassing with a friend of mine on a rocky hill I kept hearing something move near me. Continually looking for the noise It wasn't until I looked down and seen this Boa looking up at me with his dark shiny body extending way around a boulder from where he came! I couldn't believe I was fortunate enough to see one of these beautiful critters in the wild and it'll definitely always be one of the highlights of my hunting career! This snake was one of the most docil snakes I've ever caught and it was hard to let him go. I took him to the ranch house that night so everyone could see him and then let him go in the exact spot the next day. After leaving my backpack that next morning, he dissappeared and then came back that evening and coiled up below me to catch the last hour of sunlight! He dissappeared one last time and I didn't see him again over the course of the following 2 days I spent sitting there. An amazing encounter and gorgeous critter, just another reason why I love spending time in the woods! Take care and hope everyone had great holidays!




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