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Swarovski, Garmin, Kuiu, Option Archery, Bullets, Dies

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I have the following below for sale if you have any interested you can DM me on here or shoot me a text at 928-671-0741

Swarovski 65mm ATX/STX/BTX Objective lens-$900

Garmin Oregon 650T GPS- $300 (I have an onx Az Chip I would be willing to sell also)

Kuiu Icon Pro 5200 ( New Suspension just replaced)- $375

Kuiu Chinook Jacket Large- $125

PhoneSkope 7 plus-$35

Option Archery 6s RH Sight-$275

7mm Accubond LR 168 Grain-173 count-$85

6mm Berger VLD Match 95 grain-80 count-$25

7mm Barnes TTSX Boattail 140 grain-37 count-$20

30 Cal Berger VLD Hunting 210 grain-49 count-$25

7mm Nosler Partition-140 grain-30 count-$20

6mm Barnes Varminator- 78 count-$20

7mm Berger VLD Moly coated- 168 grain-48 count-$25

7mm Nosler BT  ballistic tip-140 grain-39 count-$25

7mm Mag Redding Type S Match Neck Die-$75

7mm Berger VLD Match Moly coated-100 count-$40

7mm Nosler Ballistic tip moly coated-50-$35

30 cal Nosler Ballistic Tip 180 grain-35 count-$20

6mm RCBS Dies Neck and Full Length-$30

280 Rem Redding Neck and Full length dies-$3



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