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Male English Pointer

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2 year old pure bred English pointer. 

Gunner is a very sweet dog but he’s not getting what he deserves living in town. Looking to get him to a home where he can have the space to explore, run, and maybe be turned into a bird hunter . He just a lil too high energy for our busy family that thought we could handle it when we got him but we can’t.


Bought him from a member here for $425 when he was 4 months, he’s now 2. Current on shots, since neutered, and have a hawx gun and dog shock collar/trainer I paid $200 for that I would include.

He’s a good dog and we hate to lose him.

Cons: Can run, jump (fences), sheds, and chews sometimes.

Pros: super sweet, good around kids, very curious, birdy (still has bird dog potential). 

I would like to recoup some of my money but more importantly make sure he gets into a good home. Asking $300 and includes the hawx shock collar. 

Located southwest Phoenix 

Can text 6O2-6two5-1848

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